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Sometimes I post my opinion and advice, sometimes I don't.

The reason is simply because I'm usually, always wrong. Right now I've nearly got 1,000 wrong, misguided and incorrect replies

What I know this year is very different to last. What I believe is right in 2012 may well prove to be horse poop in 2013.

Not because times change but because I'm always learning and investing in myself. I used to believe in Father Christmas... turned out I was wrong. I can't recall the thousands of children I gave mis-guided advice to on writing letters and how to get what you want.

I used to think that sales letters online were nothing other than tacky and indicative of a scam. Well, maybe I was right on that one... some of the time.

My point is. I'm always wrong and I bet a lot of others here are too.

BUT... I don't think that should deter any of us from trying to help where we genuinely have advice, experience and knowledge to do so.

And I also believe that when people come and quote their advice, in good faith we shouldn't flame them. Even if they stand their ground. This place is a forum for discussion and education.

Not the mention there is more than one way to skin a cat, peel a potato... etc etc

Anway, not sure what prompted this.

I'm probably wrong
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    LOL. FWIW, I think you're right, Big Al. Internet marketing is a huge field, and nobody can be an expert on everything. Plus the rules - whatever they may be - are constantly changing anyway.

    Personally, if I raise a query, I welcome a range of opinions, then reach my own decision on the best way forward.

    I'm also reminded of the old saying that goes something like, 'People who say a thing can't be done are generally drowned out by the sound of other people doing it.'

    Good to see another Brit on the forum, btw.


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