Does anyone like Network Solutions? Or just GoDaddy and NameCheap?

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I've done a couple of domain name coupon searches in the last month or so. I haven't bought any yet but Network Solutions has had the best offer at $2.95.

Any time GoDaddy or NameCheap runs a coupon code for a $2.95 domain name there are a couple of threads about them here at Warrior Forum.

Is there something wrong with Network Solutions that I don't know about?
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    I use NameCheap and have since I started buying domains in 2008. Their domains come with free who-is protection for the first year as an added bonus.

    I guess I would rather pay the whopping $10.99 for a domain name (with added in free who-is protection) than pay 7 dollars less or so to use a company I've never used before.
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    I'm with namecheqp for many years and they provide great service. Their domain platform is very simple compare to godqddy
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    I started with godaddy but namecheap is really great with that who is guard.
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    I personally never heard of them, but I use NameCheap for all my domains. It's so easy to use, ad-free, plus 1st year comes with a free Who-Is protection.
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    I use Godaddy more often, but some people complain about them. It's said that if they think you are using a domain for spamming, they'll terminate your url.
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      I use their domains are well priced and their customer service is fantastic
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        I bought a couple of domains with Network Solutions when they were offering good sale prices. The cruncher came a year later when it came time to renew, their price then was $37.99 each I transferred them to my NameCheap account.
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    I use namecheap also. I have never been impressed with the customer service at Godaddy
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      I use namecheap also. I have never been impressed with the customer service at Godaddy
      Ever try to get NameCheap on the Phone? Oh wait you can't.

      Real business use GoDaddy because they provide REAL support. Not just shoot off an email and hope someone gets back to you. I can tell you from first hand experience with NameCheap if you have problems... get in line and "hope".

      I have used GoDaddy for a decade. Pick up the phone and call ANY TIME ANY DAY... answered. 3AM not problem.

      That's impressive. That's what REAL business DEMANDS from a Registrar.
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    Just like many other individuals here, I use NameCheap. It's a simple site to use and the included Who-Is protection is a plus.
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    I never did understand paying $35+ for a domain name at NS. I guess there's a good reason but it eludes me. I like Name Cheap, and then do GoDaddy for auctions.
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    Overall Network Solutions seems to be a one stop shop (but it's not).

    I find them valuable as I have used them for many years thru a couple of different ventures.

    I like them.

    From just a domain standpoint really couldn't offer much advice.

    I generally look for codes for GoDaddy as you can get lucky quite a bit at a $1.


    Manny Rodriguez Blog:

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    A little history here. Back durning the early to mid 1990s, Network Solutions (VeriSign) was the only domain registrar for the United States. If you wanted a dot com, you were stuck.

    As I recall, a domain registration was around $200 in the beginning. (Some older-timers than I can jump in to correct me.) Later Network Solutions dropped the price to $100, then to $70. When I registered my first domain name, I hosted with a local Cincinnati company, but the registration had to go through Net-Sol, and the price was $70 for 2 years. Net-Sol was still the only registrar for this country.

    The local hosting company was sold to a larger frim. The new host had problems, so I moved the sites from there to Net-Sol.

    A couple of my sites are still there. They are about $15/month hosting, and yes $35 per year domain registration. I was able to negotiate a better price for registration, but renewals would go back to $35. I have not registered any other names through them.

    Apparently they still are the main registrar for the US and a couple other countries. All of the other registrars actually get the domains through Net-Sol, and pay a small fee for each.

    In effect, Net-Sol still has somewhat of a monopoly on it, but other registrars can charge less.

    I find navigating through Net-Sol is a bit confusing compared to cPanel at Bluehost and others.

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    I confess that I only used Network Solutions (in the early days) but switched to GoDaddy when I found out they had much cheaper deals then NS.

    Now I just go with whichever provider is the cheapest including NameCheap which is just fine.

    Recently GD had a huge coupon deal that was a big money saver. So I bought some domains from them because they were the cheapest.

    I've never had problems with any of the companies, but also never experienced any special service from any either.
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    Or just namecheap.
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  • NameSILO is the cheapest by far. Free Privacy Registration, plus tools to completely secure your domain if you want to take security even further, which is also free.

    No upsells. No Game. Privacy is always free. They have coupon deals on their page. You won't get screwed on the backend either.

    Plus they are a legit Registrar not just a reseller.

    You can't beat NameSILO.

    But they don't hire people to hang out in Forums so you may not have heard of them yet.
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    I started with NameCheap. They are good. But now I am using HostGator and bet that their service is great!

    Let me know if I can help you Warrior to Warrior.

    Good luck
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    I use godaddy, but only because that was the one I started sing at the begining, and it's just easier to stay with the company...because I'm a bit lazy to move. However, many say that namecheap is slighly better, I think for a similar price, they will also hide your register details, making it private to the world???

    I wouldn't go for really cheap ones, unless you have a trusted referal, it's not worth the risk for a few lousy bucks.


    It's still not working for you??? Need direction?...
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    If you don't mind going through the hassle of transferring the domain to another registrar before the 1st year is up to avoid the $35+ renewal fee with Networksolutions go for the $2.95 deal.
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    I can't seem to steer away from Danika Patrick and the GoDaddy commercials. This thread however may have me look into some others in the future.
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