How to Increase the Value/Worth and Income Generated From Your List.

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Hi Warriors,

It's another early AM in a beautiful Tuesday, Good morning.

I did some little analysis in my email box and discovered this:

97% of marketers who at the tail end of their autoresponder emails warn/beg you not to unsubscribe from their lists do NOT provide value.
They only promote, sell and upsell tons and tons of products to you. I do get some very funny ones with headlines like ''Ken, $200 Credit to Your Account''. This is just to boost their open rates! I give peolpe like this a grace of 3 - 4 emails before I unsubscribe from their lists. Because you can neither learn nor JV with people like this.

Some marketers that do this, have huge lists and make thousands of dollars from their list which is just a very little fraction of what they ought to be earning from their lists had they provide value coupled with promotions and honest reviews to their subscribers.


Put the interest of your subcribers first before yours by providing value to them.
Using this method, that list of 700 subscribers could be generating over $3000/month for you.

I hope you use this strategy to increase the worth of your list.

Wishing you the best of success,

Louis Kennedy
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    Treating your subscribers with respect is no different than treating your business with respect. Provide incredible value and build a lasting relationship with the people on your list. Building trust through a personal website is also a good idea. It's all about building trust. People rarely buy from faceless marketers.
    You are not the Dancer.
    You are being Danced.

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      People rarely buy from faceless marketers.
      Very true! People rarely buy from faceless marketers. They are just being meticulous. They don't want to lose their hard earned money.

      Someone bought some products from me on Sunday. Due to some technical problems from PayPal, he could not get his download link. But because this person believes in me and have received countless number of value from me, he sent a sort of message to my help desk that made me smile and put this down.

      Honesty and trust, plus quality is the life and blood of business.
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