How Much Money Are You Leaving On The Table?

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I see a gadzillion of offers on the forum from WSO to Warriors For Hire and all insist the only payment method is Paypal.

I don't know about you, but I left paypal far behind a few years ago and that reprehensible company will never get another dollar from me.

So how much money are these Warriors leaving on the table that don't have alternative ways of paying?
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    who are you using now tony?

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    I know paypal can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but I still think it is what most people feel comfortable using, especially those new to IM.

    The longer someone is in IM the more options they realize there are for payment processing and start feeling more comfortable using them.

    From a customer perspective, when I started buying online I would only use paypal because I knew they were a real company and nothing would happen to may credit card info. I would not buy something if they weren't using paypal.

    So I think it can go both ways.

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    Originally Posted by Tony Dean View Post

    So how much money are these Warriors leaving on the table that don't have alternative ways of paying?
    Not nearly as much as the people are leaving on the table who won't take PayPal payments, that's for sure: most people who have a credit-card also have a PayPal account, or are willing to use their credit-card to pay through PayPal even if they don't, but the converse is by no means necessarily the case.

    My own preference would be for ClickBank, 2Checkout or Plimus, because with any of those the customers can pay by PayPal without the vendor needing to use their own PayPal account.

    Setting up a sales process, as a vendor, in which customers can't pay by PayPal, even if they want/need to, has absolutely nothing to commend it at all, in my opinion. Especially when it's so easy to do without using your own PayPal account. It's not immediately apparent why anyone would want to limit their market unnecessarily, like that? (And perhaps especially in this forum, in which there are very clearly potential buyers with PayPal accounts and without credit-cards.)
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    Paypal, unfortunately is still widely accepted at this point. I've seen some warriors that I have done some outsource work with using Google checkout as well.
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