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by minion
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Just wanted to hear your opinions on this. I've been doing web design/development for almost 10 years now, but I've noticed that recently it's been slowing down a lot - I think this is because of the amount of competition around now (its a lot easier than it used to be. Anyone can pick up Wordpress and create a website)..

I'm going to have to differentiate myself from these competitors, and have a few ideas but would love to have some feedback:
1 - Focus on high-end websites only ($10,000+) - Unfortunately, most of my portfolio is low-medium websites, so it's going to be hard to get going.
2 - We drop the service-side, and focus on create and selling products. We pre-launched our Pinterest script a couple of days ago, and we've already had one sale - so I think this could work well in the long run.
3 - We push our website leasing service (eg: $5,000 website @ $99 a month, no setup costs)

I'd love to hear comments, feedback etc.
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    How about intergrating your own CMS in the websites you sell?
    Wordpress is messy with plugins that never end, it's all good but there is so much that is just uneeded and will never be used for clients that want static web pages with abit of java in them.

    Good luck!
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      The best thing to do is offer both...sell a service, which is the easiest thing to sell and also offer products. This way when one is slow, the other is still going strong.
      However, when both are all going strong, it's great.
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