Learned About Business Success By Selling Drugs?

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Before you start giving me crap, let me explain.

I learned about business sucess through a game called Dope Wars and Mafia Wars.

Dope Wars has been around since 1984, as an old computer game. It has had many other renditions and versions since then, but the simple premise is this:

You take on the role of a drug dealer. You go to different parts of the city and buy and sell drugs. You have a loan shark who is charging massive interest and only a short amount of time before the game is over (30 virtual days in the game).

Your goal is to pay off the loan shark and accumulate the most money possible in the alotted amount of time.

How does this translate? Let me explain:

You get an initial investment to start your venture from a loan shark, (investors, charging interest and putting LOTS of pressure on you and your business).

You put money into drugs given advice from someone at the time, (investing borrowed money hoping for a higher payoff)

Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't (risk assessment, profit and loss)

Sometimes you have to sell for less, sometimes you hit it big! (profits, losses)

You have to invest in more than just drugs, you have to buy guns for defense, buy larger jackets to hold more drugs at a time, (diversity, insurance, expansion investments).

You have to start small with Weed and Ludes, and use that money to buy more expensive drugs like Cocain and Heroine for bigger money (reinvesting your profits).

You can put your money into a bank to gain interest, less but more secure (diversifying your portfolio)

Cashing out at the end of the game and seeing how well you did, or dying from the law, or not having enough to pay your loan shark and you, well, "sleep with the fishes, see?" (retiring, selling or splitting your business)

All this was learned through a very unethical game. Now why couldn't business economics teach us this stuff in such a fun way?

Any thoughts as to how to translate this into a Internet Marketing Perspective?

Why? B/C I thought it would be a great risk assesment tool for Newbie Internet Marketers to see just how to succeed in Internet Marketing as well as a fun game for everyone!!

Imagine playing the Internet Marketing game for fun as well as for real!!! And you can put a fun spin on it, just like Dope Wars did.

That game taught me a lot. Maybe this one will too.

Any thoughts, I don't care what, is appreciated!! Thanks a lot!!
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    I can think of a lot better roles to play. It may have helped you learn "business",
    but what a way to learn it! I can't help but think that the games encourage drug dealing.
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    I remember that game as a FileMaker Pro file from years ago and a PalmPilot game!

    And I can totally see the concept of the same game, played with PPC, Banner Ads, site flipping, Adsense (small $ unless you build big), Affiliate Sales (same thing, larger $$, Product Sales (Biggest money, biggest investment), hackers, spam, whatever...

    You get and I get it if nobody else does... : )

    Jeannie, it was an obscure little shareware GAME. Should we stop encouraging capital punishment and shun Hangman while we're at it?

    No offense, but you haven't even seen the game... The whole "dope" motif is just a "skin" on mathematical calculations that hides the geekery and contextualizes the scenarios in a funny way.

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      I knew this was a ploy to shock, when I saw this post subject line.

      This treats drug dealing as something to be taken lightly and analogized to legitimate business.

      Which business involves violence, jealousy, turf wars,murder, drug addiction and the like?

      Call it crap all you want this is just not similar in any way.
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        Buy low, sell high. No different than traffic brokering.

        "How To Get Gangster Money From The Comfort Of Your Own Home...LEGALLY!"

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        • Profile picture of the author Brian Tayler
          I had a TI 82/3 in high school that had a game similar to this on it. Helped get through my math class
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            I played that game too. Then fell in love with drug culture, and then drugs. Then I became a drug addict.

            But in the midst of it all, I grew large amounts of psychedelic mushrooms. Growing those exotic things made me love creating a product and selling it.

            I am glad it all happened. I am not saying it was from that game.

            And I am 3.5 years clean/sober now.. and loving creating and selling.
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