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I have a client who has a contact list of 3,000 targeted emails he acquired from a consulting career, and he wants to drive them to an Aweber squeeze page.

However, Aweber isn't willing to accept the list to import.

What options are there to send these people a one time email pointing them to the squeeze page? (contacting them via the previous system isn't an option, he just has the list now).

I don't anticipate much complaining from the contact list, as he is a recognized name and the opt in bonus is very impressive.

How can I get something out to them?
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    I'd suggest trying checking out with GetResponse and iContact. They may be willing to accept the list to import.

    Aweber is much stricter.
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    Originally Posted by dave830 View Post

    However, Aweber isn't willing to accept the list to import.
    Just curious, have you actually spoken with someone from Aweber and had them tell you that?
    The reason I ask is that I just recently read of them actually accepting this type of request, but only in increments at a time, and not the whole list.
    They might let you start with, say, 500, and they do require double optin, but you would need to talk with them directly, if you haven't already.

    Just a thought.

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      Thanks for the reply here Robert.

      I've been working with Aweber- which is where we want to build the list (and the autoresponder sequence is already built). We just need to get these 3,000 to view the opt in page.

      They (Aweber) are hesitant, because we don't have clear documentation that they opted in to a different list, and they seem very focused on the expectation of these individuals on the list.

      My client is a retired professional athlete who coaches/mentors young athletes with their recruitment/college scholarship process, so I don't think there will be a problem with spam complaints.

      Still, Aweber seems to want data and documentation... it keeps their deliverability high, I know, but makes the process difficult.

      I don't have anything to offer, but have a great day anyway!

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    Yes - aWeber has specific staff there to work with you to (try) to import existing lists.
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