An Offline Magic Marketing System- "Watch Me Pull A Rabbit Out Of My Hat"

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Hey there Warriors,

I have some success with offline marketing, and I follow the threads on here pretty closely. I've got a little 'system' here that I thought I would share.

First- Meetup groups. GOLD MINE! Go to register for an account. Some actually ASK YOU FOR YOUR WEBSITE and you post it RIGHT ON YOUR PROFILE. Some of the groups have 'boards' where you can ask each other questions too. Answering ONE person's question, got me 5 REAL LIFE coaching students that I meet with once a week to coach them about IM, and 2 local businesses that asked ME 'how much do you charge to build a website?'

Second- GO TO THE MEETINGS. What I did was make up what I like to call 'swag bags.' I took all the best ideas from this thread:


100 ziplock baggies,
30 blank DVD's,
a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and a bag of peppermint candy.
A GIANT gift bag

I put one puzzle piece, and one piece of candy in every ziploc bag, and only put a DVD in every 3-4 bags.

I then printed out 100 postcards that said

"If You Get A DVD, You've Won A FREE Custom Made Video For Your Website!!!
CALL xxx-xxx-xxxx to REDEEM TODAY.
OFFER ONLY LASTS UNTIL March 30 2009. (you'll have to change this each month, etc.)

And I stuffed the postcards into the ziploc baggies and zipped them up.
I put them all in the GIANT gift bag and went to the meetings.

When I walked in, inevitably at every meeting someone would say, "oh, look, he brought me a present."

The meeting commences and everyone is asked to introduce themselves. When it's my turn, I walk around the tables and tell everyone to 'pick a prize.' as I tell them what I do.

Now this is a GREAT way to get your audience to 'participate with you.' People love to participate in things. And it helps them remember you.
-the guy with the gift bag
-the guy who gives free goodies
etc, etc
The Rest of a Complete Marketing System Goes Like This

Collect EVERY BUSINESS CARD YOU CAN- They usually have their email addressesse on there...follow up with a PERSONAL EMAIL.. send them to your site! MAKE THEM OPT-In.

Call them on the phone, "I just wanted to know if there was anything I can do for you, anything you need," phone call. Dont' sell anything. Just offer help. One woman I met was selling a Network Marketing biz opp. I gave her a lot of marketing suggestions at the meeting, but when I went home and thought about her situation, I realized that she had an invaluable opportunity to offer her 'discount' on her products to people at a margin, without having to recruit them as distributors right off the bat. So I called her up and suggested the idea to her.

Place a small classified ad in your local newspapers offering a workshop for business owners only. Give them a phone number to call with a voicemail recording that directs them to your website to register for FREE INFORMATION. This should be an 'optin page'.

Next, direct mail. There have been several letters that people are using to direct mail offline business to sell them online marketing services. All of them are great. Use them all to create a series of at least 7 mailings.

You can purchase a list of businesses for about $20.00 or you can go through the phone book.

#1. A postcard

#2. Lumpy Mail

#3. An Advertorial about something you're giving away with a little yellow sticky note on it that says "Thought you should see this,

#4. Free Listing In Your Local Directory

#5. Free Website

#6. Free Video

#7. Free some report about their industry that they can give to their customers.

Each of the *Free* things you give away will have to have something to *support them*- report needs an autorsesponder, video needs a site or some other platform like Youtube, etc,. that's the part you 'charge' for. Creating or distrubuting the *support*.

Post on Craigslist with a pic of your advertorial.

Post on Backpage with a pic of your advertorial.

Submit your press releases to your local media
Drop them off in businesses

Speaking- Call your Chamber of Commerce, ask them about Organizations or events that need speakers about business. Offer to speak.

Contact the owners of the meetup groups, offer to speak to their group for free.

Contact the owners of the meetup groups, and talk about JV's for workshops.



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    Great System Marcus! Good post...
    Meetup groups are a fantastic way to network with local business owners. I use meetup groups here in Tucson, AZ on a regular basis, with much success...I've never tried a system like yours, but can see me stealing your idea in the very near future
    To date, using meetup groups is my main source for clients.

    Meetup groups are found all over, just go to, search for groups in your area. I suggest joining a few of them.

    Good luck,

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    That thread 'o mine generated some seriously wonderful ideas - glad people like you are taking those ideas and turning them into $$$-generating systems.

    Your spin and introduction tactics are outstanding. You'll definitely be the most-memorable person at those meetings.

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      The awesome thing about meetups is that you have a concentrated group of business owners all in one place. And you get your 'intro' time for yourself with a 'captive' audience.

      Captivate a captive audience and you have friends (and customers) for life.

      That was an awesome post. I used direct mail marketing in my former enterprises for over 10 years, I became a master copywriter and usually can get around a 5% - 7% response rate from it.

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