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I have about 8 different landing pages on my site with each one having about 10 related keywords. They are all real estate related but each page is about a different area.

I have been building links to each landing page for about 2 years now with good results. We now rank in the top 10 for most KW's.

My question is, should I start building links to the homepage now? Would that help me to get to #1? My fear is that if potential customers land on the homepage instead of the specific area they are interested in then my bounce rate may increase.

Would love to know your thoughts and theories and testing on the benefits of this. Thanks
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    This is what I recommend as a good link building strategy for your website (in the current status):
    • use social signals for the main URL (30 - 40%) and the rest for internal URLs
    • build .edu/.gov sites for a lot of URLs (including the home page/main URL)
    • build backlinks for the existing backlinks (select the most important of them)
    • build backlinks to internal pages with random, natural looking anchor texts like "click here", "Read full article", "Source", "visit website", URL, brand etc.

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      What do you mean by build .edu/.gov sites for a lot of URLs (including the home page/main URL)?

      Would it be easier to get links from .edu/.gov sites? If so, can you recommend any?
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    I think if your homepage has clear navigation so people can find what they want, they will be more likely to browse around than leave.

    Based on your outlined strategy, I don't think your home page would outrank an optimized inner page for the same term.

    If you are ranking for a keyword on the homepage that does not have a corresponding inner page, you could create one.

    For example, use Awstats or something to see what search terms are bringing visitors to the home page. If you don't have an inner page for a term that is bringing traffic, you could create a target page for that term.

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    I have about 550 plus ones and several twitter mentions, etc and non of those really helped much.
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    Deep linking is always good. It builds a strong foundation and your site will benefit quite a bit from it. Every fortress needs a strong foundation!
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