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I was wondering if anyone has found a use for, or has had marketing success with, those desktop voice broadcasting systems that are presently available? (Other than for MLM downline recruiting.)

I have heard (urban myth?) that some people are providing a voice broadcast service as part of an offline marketing strategy (i.e. instead of emails, blast out monthly messages via phone to customers about upcoming sales, events, etc). The urban myth reference relates to the fact that that information came to me from promoters of the voice broadcasting system.

I ask because I invested in one of these a while back, haven't used it and am just about to let it go because I'm paying a monthly service fee. Before I say good-bye to it though, thought I'd check in and see if any enterprising warriors are using this as part of their arsenal with any success.
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    I haven't used the technique but recall listening to a Bill Glazer seminar and he
    was talking about how he used it to Marketer his retail menswear store with a lot of success.

    I like the idea of it and plan to keep it in mind as an option for my offline clients should it one come up I feel is suitable.

    I wouldn't keep spending on a service you are not using however... You can always subscribe when needed.


    p.s. Check out Bill Glazers and Dan Kennedys materials Gold dust
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      Disclaimer: The following is pure opinion...

      I think using one of those services could be an effective tactic for some businesses, especially ones that lend themselves to segmenting their lists.

      Take a car dealer, for example. If a salesperson doesn't get a sale, they get contact info and what kind of vehicle the prospect is looking for. This info goes into the dealership database. Whenever the dealer gets new vehicles on the lot, the system blasts out a message to the list of people seeking that type of vehicle.

      "Hi, this is Jo's Motors with an update. We just got a couple of really nice [vehicle type] in, and thought you might want to stop by and take a look. We're letting everyone looking for a [vehicle type] know about these beauties, so the sooner you take a look, the better the selection. Thanks."

      I'm not totally familiar with these systems, but you'd need one with an 'unsubscribe' feature so people can stop the calls when they want to.
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    I have not used social bot till now but wanted to buy it and I found that social bot V3.0 has following features:
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    I hope this will help you.

    Best Wishes
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    I get a lot of phone-spam from mlmers who "have a question
    about your business" - and an agenda to get you to call back
    so they can sell you on the phone-spam system.
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      I suppose I have a love/hate ... or, less dramatically... a like/dislike relationship with v-broadcasting. I have an aversion to how it's used for telephone spamming and would never even consider using it that way. However, I see it's potential as a relationship tool between businesses and their customers. (Business to consumer, not business to business.)

      I think I will hold onto my monthly subscription a little longer. After making my original post, I thought I should at least try it out for the purpose for which I think it's best suited. I contacted an acquaintance who does custom woodworking/cabinetry/high end carpentry. I asked him to put together a list of phone numbers of his past customers. He grudgingly complied (got his wife to do it I'm sure), provided me with about 60 phone numbers. I sent out a message I crafted (with his permission ... offerering a 10% discount on his services to past customers). He's had 3 call backs so far.

      So, the potential is definitely there. Crafting the perfect message is key (not as easy as one would think), and I know I can create effective campaigns, but what I'm not sure of is if it warrants the time to build into a major source of revenue. As alluded to previously, I have more subscription/membership fees going out monthly than a lot of people make in a month via IM ... and I love it all. But it wreaks havoc with my focus.

      This is definitely worth a little more thought however ...
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    I used it for my business and had just over 1000 people on it. I know there are better rates out there, but I was paying .05 cents a delivery. I figure it was much cheaper than the .42 cents a stamp, plus envelope, ink and paper.

    Please read the sig file rules

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    I really believe that the only way to use one effectively is have your "blurbs" recorded by a professional. Don't use your own voice, whatever you do.

    Imagine how boring radio and tv commercials were if non professionals voiced them????YUCK!

    Scott Woodside

    The number 1 Choice for Audio Production!
    Member, Screen Actor's Guild

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      Unless you have the voice of a seasoned professional, in which case it's infinitely more convenient.
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        Duffey Moon - That is a little expensive, but it's really only an issue for people using V-broadcasting for mass-broadcasting. When you're broadcasting to your own list (a thousand or so), the per delivery cost isn't that much of an issue.
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    IMHO you would be dollars ahead to invest in Voice overs for your web sites (but I wonder if I might be biased here :rolleyes on the very serious side though I can not stand automated calls I hang up on them so if this is what your talking about I feel personally that your dollars could be better spent elsewhere like as i mentioned reasonably priced voice over for your web sites
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      Carl - That is pretty much what we're talking about (automated message).

      I set the campaign I referred to earlier in the post to be delivered during the day when most people are at work, and to only connect when it reached an answering machine/voicemail. That way it appeared to be a live person calling but having to leave a message because no one was home. And the message is 30 seconds or less, so not that intrusive. And since its coming from a known entity, it's doesn't seem spam-like.

      Remember, the kind of campaigns we're talking about here are to existing/past customers, not strangers.
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