i'm a newbie... should i start with CPA?

by swi7ch
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I read on a blog that CPA + YouTube is the best route for newbies these days. Is this true or is there a newer / better route for beginners looking to earn a few cash? I am going to sign up for the War Room later on but I don't want to just read guides on here about everything. I want to focus on one thing first and then build from there. I just don't know if I should start with ClickBank and blogging for example or CPA + YouTube or something else.

Thanks in advance!

PS---First post here, btw.
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    Ok... This is the best advice I can give...

    As a newb, you are not going to want to even attempt to sell anything. Selling is a science and skill that takes a very long time to master. So if you want to make a substantial amount of money online in the next 3-6 months - don't sell.

    Selling Clickbank or any other affiliate products is difficult for beginners. CPA is definitely the easier option, but before doing that you should learn to build a list.

    ...And before you do that you should learn to drive traffic and monetize that traffic. SO what you need to do first of all is learn to drive traffic, build a list and monetize. The key is to learn to make people take actions.

    But in terms of making money quickly: CPA + paid traffic is the best strategy
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    Its a good method but you really need to work out whats hot at the moment as there are a lot of people trying this method, plus youtube is constantly removing videos/accounts which makes it harder.

    I would start with an e-store or become an affiliate selling an online product
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      I think affiliate marketing is a good path for a newbie.

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      Very NEWBIE friendly!

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    CPA + youtube works great. If you pick your offers and videos right you can make some great quick money.

    However, I would look at CPA as something that you are always doing in the background or from time to time while you are mainly focused on building a long term business, like thru building a website and building a name for yourself and/or product creation.

    You can do CPA as your long term goal if you want, but I think there are other ways to make a lot more money. I look at CPA as a great way to fund other projects.

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    CPA is great way to start.

    You can also try with affiliate marketing. It will be very nice if you learn something about SEO.
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    My little advice...

    If your are gifted in writing, try writing articles for others.
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    Hello @swi7ch,

    One of the benefits of Youtube and CPA is that you don't necessarily need a website to get started and if you are new and want to get going, this will save you time.

    Successful CPA in my opinion is about either being innovative OR throwing a HUGE net (usually through paid traffic). Lot's of people try CPA, but not so many succeed on a consistent basis.

    Affiliate marketing, like you mentioned is another option and could be done a number of ways. What you are looking for is this:

    Traffic ==> Product ==> Conversions

    Each aspect of this series is important. You must be able to drive or manipulate traffic so they are exposed to your product. The best traffic is targeted, meaning relevant to your product. Then your product is best when it's quality and proven which then directly ties into conversions - part of which is up to you and part of which is up to the product (depending on who is doing the selling - your or the prodcut via a sales page).

    Now, that's one paragraph that kinda sums up IM, but it's MUCH more labor intensive and complicated for most of us. There is a lot you need to know in order to successfully drive targeted traffic again and again to a quality product that converts.

    Whether you choose CPA, affiliate marketing, or whatever, I would encourage your to learn the skill of list building and to (from the beginning) build a list of customers and prospects so that you can market to them moving ahead. The MOST money made by IMrs is actually in the backend (via email).

    You Are Not Your Thoughts
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    Newbies can start with practically anything, whether you like it or not their is going to be a starting point sooner or later so long as you want to try.
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    Swi7ch, I want to give you one advice. Do not buy "all" what you see on the net. There is NO quick cash software. You will need to focus, focus, focus... This is more important. And after that, work! But work smart, no hard.

    Good luck!
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    I'd say just research here everything you can...there is heaaaaps to learn

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      I don't want to just read guides on here about everything. I want to focus on one thing first and then build from there. I just don't know if I should start with ClickBank and blogging for example or CPA + YouTube or something else.
      Same questions ask - how do I make money - don't want to do too much....

      Same crappy answers of CPA - write articles, etc. (sorry, but it's true)

      You will not make money online until you learn the basics - and learn to apply those basics to your own efforts. YOU need to choose what method you will use - and to do that you have to read/learn.

      You may not want to read "guides" and that's fine. Read free tutorials online and info sites - don't fall into the trap of buying one 'make money' product after another.

      Saving one dog will not change the world -
      but the world will be forever changed for that one dog.
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        CPA and YouTube videos work extremely well if DONE WELL. I've done many of these in the past, made a lot of money on few and completely wasted my time on a few others. The video sponsoring technique is simple in theory but its the finer details which will make or break it. PM me if you want some help starting your first CPA and Youtube promotion.

        I agree with a few of the other posts too though, there's no quick cash strategy in theory. I didn't start with what i'm doing currently now, and i'm sure A LOT of the people on this forum are in the same boat...
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    Kay King, perfect words! You have right.

    Basics are very important. After that you can build your IM business strong.
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    CPA can certainly make money.

    A lot of people say that YouTube is best for traffic, but I haven't found it to be so, it is OK, and worth doing, but in my experience no better than other traffic methods.

    As someone has already said, you need a practical understanding of the basics of IM, whatever you are going to do. The most common IM method is content plus monetization.

    That monetization can be CPA, AdSense, Amazon, ClickBank, or others. AdSense is probably the easiest, as it is easier to get a click than a sale. CPA is somewhere in between, as the visitor needs to take some action, but not necessarily buy anything. On the other hand, if done right, Amazon can make great money, much better money for my time than AdSense, in my experience. You can use more than one form of monetization, and see which works best.

    As for content, quality, uniqueness and relevance are the main points.

    You can either start by writing content that interests you then monetize in whatever ways seem most suitable (test and tweek), and/or have a look at some of the details of monetization first, and pick a topic to fit.

    These things, and traffic (backlinking etc.) will be relevant for almost any method, whatever the monetization and whatever the medium (text, video, audio, or whatever).

    So, make a start and find out how it all works. See what happens, ask specific questions, keep learning, and you'll succeed.

    Simple as that, but it takes work, and a lot of learning, because you are inevitably competing with others who've done this for years, so if there were any easier ways, everyone else would already be doing them and they wouldn't be easy any more

    On the other hand, since other people can make good money doing this, so can you, if you are willing to learn.

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    Okay so this is how I feel about making money fast and keeping the newbie vibe high.
    From day one and most people don't say this. Build your list now. The longest part of making reoccurring income is building a massive list. The big boys and girls have massive lists. If you have a list of say 500,000 and your open rate is 4% that is 20,000 people that only open your email. Let's say 4% of them buy your product which is like 800 people and you are selling say a $39 product from clickbank and making $20 per sale that is $16,000. This is how you make great money. List take a while to build but if you don't waste money on "make money" products and rather invest it in your list you will be way ahead of the game.

    Not to mention and CPA site that is worth anything and promotes for big companies that will pay you a ton require you to apply. Not your normal apply and get accepted site. You need to have a good running site with decent numbers. Also instead of building a list for your future you are building a list for say pepsi's future. You may even be building a list for one of the big IMers who as I mention are making $16k with that list. So what is $5 $10 $15 bucks an email for them?
    All in all I say don't be in a rush like so many are when they start out. If you can show will power and practice good sound principles then you are less than 6 months away from living and working from home.
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      Learn how to generate traffic first! Once you are able to master that skill,

      you will be able to do almost anything from cpa to list building and more...

      Once you know how to get traffic, you can manipulate the world

      Remember to stay focus and don't be negative....

      Best of luck to you!
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        Originally Posted by prem khaira View Post

        Learn how to generate traffic first! Once you are able to master that skill, you will be able to do almost anything from cpa to list building and more...
        I agree with you ... To build list you need traffic ....so the order is TRAFFIC -> LIST -> Sales
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    FYI: The only money I've ever made with CPA is with markethealth dot com.

    I know a lot of people make money with CPA offers... so I wish you the best!
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  • Profile picture of the author suzebiz
    FYI: The only money I've ever made with CPA is with markethealth dot com. They pay very quickly, too. I've never had any problems with them.

    I know a lot of people make money with CPA offers... so I wish you the best!
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