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Im having a landing page created right now, and was wondering what would build more trust/conversions...landing page with text testimonial and client URL or just video testimonial?

im sending paid traffic to this landing page via Google...
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    I'll give you my opinion here, but before I do, I'll tell you to go check the Copy Writing subforum, too. This is the kind of thing they talk about down there.

    My opinion, though, is to ditch most of that stuff. I never watch the videos. I never read the "testimonials." I do on occasion, however, click on URLs to get an idea of what the program can produce, especially if there are WordPress themes or graphics packs involved.

    -- j

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    Hi OP,

    I would say it partially depends on your product and audience, but I know that many big time marketers (6 figures/month) use video.

    Like j, I also pretty much never play videos on pages unless it is the product description and I am interested.

    On my own pages, my social proof is usually based on client/customer testimonials that are written. If I can add their picture, great. People seem to like to be able to identify with an image/person.

    Test it out and see and then test again

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    ok so im assuming its best to place a few text testimonials vs video...i also dont watch vids much.

    ...I love cold calling.

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