Can you value my website?

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Hey Warriors,

I've just sort of left one of my websites on it's own for a few months and now I want to sell it on Flippa and move on to my next venture.

Problem is - I have no idea how much it's worth!

I feel like I'll end up setting a reserve that's way too high, or selling for way less than it worth.

Would anyone be able to give me a rough valuation if I provide some stats?

- Home page is Google PR1
- Demo page is Google PR1
- First page of Google for "YouTube Download Script"
- $726.04 in sales since 28 Dec 2011 (average $120 per month)
- 200+ unique visitors per month
- 28.27% organic search engine traffic, 34.63% direct traffic

I'll probably list for 7 days with no upgrades. Any ideas what I could expect?
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    You need to get us some more information, how are you making your money?

    Own products?
    Affiliate Marketing?
    Lead Generation?


    Tell us a little more because it is also about how stable the income is, its very important do do a proper due diligence both before buying and selling so that you can answer all the questions properly when a "potential" buyer knocks on the door (also to be able to write a good presentation text on Flippa).
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    Could you show us the URL if you'd like, that will estimate your site more objectively.
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    A little detail would help, but a good figure to go on is 10-15x monthly profit.
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    You can expect to get $1000-$3000 for it, depends how you are going to sell it.
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    Listing for 7 days with no upgrades you probably wont get a great price. If you can afford to, you'll get a much better price by making your auction featured on the homepage, and bold and highlight too if you can.

    I've only ever done one auction @ Flippa without all the upgrades and it failed miserably... with the upgrades we always seem to get a good price.
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    The traffic is pretty low. If you go by the income formula that a lot of people use, 10x monthly income, you could expect around $1,200.

    I agree that no upgrades will get very low views on Flippa. I use either/or bold highlighted column plus I buy featured at the last day of the auction.
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