Is The Panic Attack Niche Profitable

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Would it be profitable starting a website giving tips on helping people overcome panic/anxiety attacks and depression. I am a sufferer of these as well, and I could provide very useful tips.

How would I build a list though? If I built a list what kind of products would I email them? What could I give away?
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    Are really going to believe an answer you get here?

    Get the domain, test and decide for yourself.

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      Yes it is profitable. After all, as you know, people want solutions.

      Best way to answer your questions, go check out what the bigger players are doing themselves. This way, you can view their process right down to getting on their mailing list.

      Here are a few major players I've actually purchased from...

      Good luck!
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    Yes it's profitable.

    Go look around at amazon and clickbank to look for possible products to sell.

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  • Yes it's profitable it's a good niche with potential for extra income
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    I have a friend who owns a site and it seems pretty profitable.

    You're just going to have to work hard to find out what the people want
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    Health niches to me are not something I would recommend giving out recommendations about, as you could get sued like many have.

    Unless you are a licensed professional, qualified to give advice on the subject.

    Any misinformation can be used against you in the event that one of your readers falls ill.

    That being said I am sure you can start a help group where others can participate by giving support, even if it is just listening to what they have to say. That can go a long way.
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      I used to suffer from panic attacks but thankfully that stage has now passed. I am ever so glad at the height of my problems 10+ years ago, these websites were non existant. I just find it disagreeable people try to make a buck out of an individual's misery, throwing in some slick sales advertising at someone really unfortunate situation.

      Panic attacks and anxiety related disorders a seriously depressing situation, you would not want your worse enemy to face stuff like this.

      It really sucks people cash in on this.

      Just my opinions.
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    To be fair, anxietybusters dot com, is a professional doctors' site and that is understandable but an some Joe Bloggs creating a hashup ebook and throwing some articles for which they paid $15 a piece, I am not sure about that.
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      Originally Posted by wilsonm View Post

      To be fair, anxietybusters dot com, is a professional doctors' site and that is understandable but an some Joe Bloggs creating a hashup ebook and throwing some articles for which they paid $15 a piece, I am not sure about that.
      Ronnie (anxietybusters) wasn't always a Phd. I was at her site long ago when she was "attending college." That didn't stop her from helping people. Back then she had a free call line she would answer personally to help anyone, customer or not, plus.. a forum she spent hours in every day.

      It's the type of passion that got my sale.

      Regardless, great place to learn from if you want ideas.
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    The OP said he suffers from panic attacks so I very much DOUBT hes going to throw together some pos ebook about panic attacks. I know just because I had panic disorder for a good 6 years, even today like 10 years later I'm still VERY passionate about the topic. If I hear ANYone even hint to having panic attacks, I will immediately go on a tangent like I am right now.

    Some of the best advice I have found on panic attacks has not been from doctors, but regular folks who had to deal with the crap themselves. In fact, I must have went to about 4 doctors before I even found one who knew wtf he was talking about.

    Panic disorder is real, I believe more and more people are being diagnosed with it due to overpopulation, and an increase in sugar consumption/caffiene in modern day america (sugar stresses the adrenal glands and if you are a sugar addict, it can cause adrenal fatigue then throw your hormones out of wack causing panic attacks - it took me about 6 years to realize sugar was the culprit and my hormones NEVER stablized untill I stopped taking in sugar everyday). Sugar is well know for causing many health problems, hypertension, stage 2 hypertension, high blood pressure, anxiety, panic attacks, so many people have no clue how dangerous sugar really is for your hormones.

    Anyway, if there is ONE THING I know a lot about, more than any doctor I can think of, its panic attacks. Although the source is always adrenaline related, whats triggers that adrenaline can vary obviously. It could be a cyst on your adrenal glands, a tumor.. it can be that you have a history of stimulant abuse, or it could be triggered by something as simple as coming off blood pressure medicine/beta blockers.

    All I know is I actually planned on making a website about panic disorder, and if the OP would like some help, I have A LOT of very useful information about panic attacks. Too many people are on the wrong medicines, being put on benzodiazepenes (xanax/klonopin) or anti depressants and these rarely control the panic disorder. They provide relief for a bit, but do nothing to stablize adrenal production over the long term.

    First thing a person with panic disorder needs to do is get an adrenal stress test. Almost no doctors know to do this. Thats why I say a person with panic disorder is more likely to know how to control it (after years and years of suffering with it) than your avg doctor.

    It can be completely hormonal related, problems with the endocrine system, and I don't know one doctor who knows to check for this. You're farr better off going to an endocrinologist than a psychiatrist, this is the fundamental issue. Most psychiatrists just prescribe them a wealth anti-psychotic/anti-depressant meds (when the problem is more fundamentally your bodies biology -the adrenal glands, not seretonin from your brain or gaba receptors or dopamine) they get hooked, ruins their life even further, then when the person tries to get off, the disorder gets even worse. It is a HORRIBLE thing to have.

    Like I said to the OP, I DEFINITELY BELIEVE you can make money with this. In fact, I could write an ebook so controversial about panic disorder, it would have a lot of potential to go viral. The second that book got in the hands of people with this disorder they would want to give it to anyone else they knew suffering from it.

    I think you should do something like that. Make an ebook that trashes the way the majority of drs "cure" panic disorder, by getting their patients addicted to every med they can. Other people I know have gone the natural herbal route, and although certain concotions of herbs can help (like kanna leaf/passion flower) they never did much for me. Thats why I'd focus more on making an information product. You can even make a bunch of videos on your site about how to deal with panic disorder. Then I'd make a list of the dozens of foods these types of people need to stay away from. ANYTHING with sugar like I said is terrible. Drinking enough water will dilute their blood down, lowering their blood pressure and making them feel more relaxed. Its funny that theres been times where I've just been dehydrated, and that was triggering my panic attacks as my hormones were all out of wack.

    Anyway, like I said if you need help, if you want to work together on this, I will gladly help you in anyway I can. I know how desperate people with this disorder are, they spend so much time trying to figure out how to control it, and there is so much inaccurate advice out there. There are even medicines drs are prescribing that are KNOWN to make panic attacks worse, like zoloft for instance, its a stimulant ssri. I know SO MANY people who were put on zoloft, just to find their panic attacks getting so much worse.

    PEOPLE DO NEED TO KNOW THE FACTS, and because I'm passionate about this I'd really like to help you out.

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    I believe it could be extremely profitable!! And suffering from it yourself, you can give great value to your potential email list from 1st hand experience. As far as products go, what have you used that has helped? Then see if that product/info has an affiliate program. To build your list, I would write up one of your experiences as a "free report" for people to receive when they opt in to your email list. Set up an autoresponder account, such as Aweber and create emails with products to sell.
    Add relevant consistant information to your website and you should be good to go!
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    Panic attacks could be profitable. I've had them for years. I don't buy products online, but I did buy purchase some books on the topic. I've tried lots of medicines and treatments. The only thing that worked for me is plenty of Valium.

    There is a lot of good PLR on panic attacks.
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    I use to suffer from panic attacks as well and I didn't even
    know there was a label for the experience. I've written
    sales letters for that market and know that it's profitable.
    You don't have to be the expert in the field to make money

    -Ray Edwards
    The most powerful and concentrated copywriting training online today bar none! Autoresponder Writing Email SECRETS
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    I once grabbed a great domain for the panic attack niche, but then I never
    really did anything to promote the site. I sold the domain eventually.

    I do believe it's a profitable niche but I never really profited from it. And honestly,
    I prefer staying away from health related niches, I'm not comfortable trying to
    make money off people who are physically suffering.
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    Just find some long-tail keywords (start from a few non-competitive ones)

    Find a few panic products starting from Clickbank (or preferably those you have used)

    Set up an autoresponder with your tips

    Build some backlinks via web2.0 blogs, article directories, real comment, and steal some of your competitors' backlinks etc,

    Convert your tips into video and audio etc, and publish them

    Promote your tips via Twitter and Facebook etc,

    Swap twitter and facebook followers with marketers in the relevant health niche by promoting each other's articles.

    And this is pretty much a good start...

    Hope this helps,
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    It certainly is. It's classed as a "desperate" niche and in desperate niches, people are ...Well... er... Desperate to cure their problems.

    James Scholes
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    Yes you can search in adwords and you will see all keywords which are used.
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