how would you spend $1000

by vidf
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So I'm responsible for marketing a boutique hollywood production company. We have very few marketing dollars and are currently in desperate mode to get new clients. We bought 1.5 million impressions for $800 but got little traffic ( few hundred unique visitors ) and no conversions.
I'm considering renting a list from a broker for $600 to reach 100K VPs of Marketing and Creative Directors. Any tips? Is there a better way to spend that money online? We need results in the next 30 days so direct marketing seems like the way to go. I have experience with google adworks and facebook ads and think that both are overpriced and not very effective. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! PS we can't afford a proper sales team so I'm doing the marketing, please, don't ask how I got the job, I wear many hats at the company. If anyone needs to see the url i'll post it. Many thanks!
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    Renting a list to send an email to your target demographic is a decent way to start, so I wouldn't single that idea out just yet. With a thousand dollar budget, have you considered starting an affiliate program? You could set up an affiliate program easily with and make a CPA program for your affiliates based on a per lead basis. You could contact websites that are targeting your demographics and email them describing your affiliate product. This way you can build an army of affiliates.

    Or you can contact companies like Max Bounty and sign up as an advertiser. You will have access to their affiliates and can be extremely picky with who promotes your offer.

    If you have the ability to make sales videos with your production company, consider making sales videos for affiliate products and offer the video to the owner of the product in exchange for a shout out to their list. Make sure their list is within your demographic.

    The last way that I would suggest is using Linkedin's advertising platform. With millions of professionals, learning how to create an effective Linkedin ad could bring your company some solid leads. I am sure there is a WSO on Linkedin somewhere on the Warrior forum.

    Best of Luck,

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      Thanks Mike, these are great ideas, although can't see us making sales videos for affiliate products as our cheapest product starts at $7K. The Linkedin idea sounds interesting and is probably easier to execute. I'm sure it's more effective than facebook. Would love to hear from others if anyone has had any success with Linkedin or
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    If I had that kind of money I wouldn't mind trying some google adbritrage

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      google arbitrage?
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    I would spend it all buying ads on other websites for my services
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      "I would spend it all buying ads on other websites for my services"

      Not sure why that's not making sense to me. I'll have to reread it later tonight. Are you talking about display ads? I've done that with little success.
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    I would say that you should test the conversion rate with various advertising programs. Get your feet wet before jumping in. Once you see what is converting (CPA, PPC, Facebook Ads, Direct Marketing), then go all out on that. I don't have much experience in your niche but testing various methods is usually the best way instead of singling out one particular way.

    all the best!
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      Modex, that makes sense but we can only spend $1000 this month on marketing, if you split that five ways ( CPA, PPC, Facebook, etc ) there won't be much left to go all out. That's why I'm here asking for advice, maybe there's something new out there that will stretch those dollars. I've gotten great advice so far, thanks to all.
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    How about an alternative approach like finding possible clients, contacting them and asking them what problems they need solved, then providing solutions? Or mail them a free gift with your logo on it.

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      Originally Posted by Chris- View Post

      How about an alternative approach like finding possible clients, contacting them and asking them what problems they need solved, then providing solutions? Or mail them a free gift with your logo on it.

      Oh Chris, if life was this easy
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        Thanks everyone, most of your ideas are great, I'll check out the links asap.
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    If I have 1000$ I would spend it on SEO to promote my website..
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    One of the things that I am experimenting with now is contest marketing... I have purchased the ultimate license for contest burner and am in process of starting up my websites first contest as well as for a client of mine...

    It will take some PPC or some classified ads traffic or traffic from youtube to get the thing started.

    So IMHO take the 1k and use approx240 of it for contest burner and about 100 for FB or linked in ads and use the rest to get some great prizes or give away your lowest priced products as 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes...

    Do you want to make successes or excuses? Success? Alright then... See what's in store for you....
    - The AC Assassin

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    For media, entertainment, news related sites you can buy ad/banner spots in high traffic sites via

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      You can belt out your message to several video, social media & article sites via Traffic Geyser.

      Essentially, its easy to use and once set up can be done regularly.

      The drawback is that its $97 per month, however, at the moment there is a test drive for just $1.

      Yoiu have nothing to lose!

      Good luck though!


      I am an Internet Marketing coach. Accelerate your performance here:
      FREE RESOURCES to help you...

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    i'll spend it on solo ads and traffic exchange!
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    You should buy a website/blog in your niche that already have traffic and advertise on it.

    30-50% RevShare - Special Niche Market

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    Without knowing what the exact product is, I'm just taking a stab in the dark here. I would target my existing customer list and see if I could get repeat customers from that first. At $7k a pop I am sure that would enable you to create more revenue for marketing. Even if they didn't want to buy from you again you could get a better sense of what motivated them to purchase from you in the first place. What worked for them and got them in the door.

    Then you would have a solid idea of what past customers liked and disliked and you could move forward with the positives. Rinse & Repeat
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      JoeRockefeller, our company is, we can't milk the existing client list as it is very small. AAmanager, that's an amazing idea but really doubt a $1000 would buy us a site worth advertising on. If you know of a place to look for a site like that let me know. I think it's not just about the quantity of eyeballs but the quality of site's visitors. We need VPs of Marketing, Creative Directors, etc.
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    Marketing through an existing list makes sense since you can target 100s and 1000s of people who are interested in what you have to say.

    Although, make sure that the provider really promotes to his list, and ask for screenshots and records.

    And you don't want to market what you've to a random list, since you want to attract targeted leads.
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      A solo ad does sound very interesting, that might be the way to go. Doing the research and finding the right list will be the hardest part. Any short cuts out there? I'm assuming googling for a few hours is my only option.
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    I've used solo ads a lot in the past.

    The steps I took:
    1) Researched lists of solo ads (you can google them)
    2) Contact the solo ads owners (list owners) and see who is responsive
    3) quiz them hard on the open rate, potential click throughs, best price they can give you etc
    5) Divide their cost by their estimated click through rate (e.g. how many click might you get to your site). This is your cost per visitor.
    6) Compare how this cost fairs against Adwords and other channels.
    7) Once ready book solo ads with 2-3 list and track the click throughs yourself (don't rely on them). You can simply create 2-3 pages one for each and track the page views for those pages.
    8) Once you find a good list, hit it hard...

    Some tips:
    - Make sure your solo ad really stands out and is offering something of value. It needs to read like it's a "Special deal of the week" for the readers of that list.
    - Make sure your objective is to capture those readers to become your subscribers! you basically want to nab their list and make it your own
    - Don't worry about conversion just yet, get them onto your list and you're 90% there.

    Traffic Testing Results
    Find out my test results of various paid and free traffic sources. PM me.
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    This is one area where I am comfortable giving information on. Simply because I am familiar with the type of audience you are trying to reach.

    I see that you are in the music video and commercial video market.

    Here is one tip that may cost you little or no money. Have a Hip Hop or any Music site work out a review for your company and post it on their site.

    At my company we have reviews on new products that are music related all the time and the audience loves reading about them. And after reading all the pro's, they are more comfortable buying from the mentioned company.

    Not only that but the company would also gain extra exposure through the review.

    To this day we still hold product reviews and our clients are always happy with the results.

    Major labels, upcoming artists and producers are always keeping up with our site to check up for new talent or to get one up on the competition. They like to stay in the loop with anything that is trending or hot in the music world so its only natural for them to subscribe with music websites.

    Just my 2 cents on this one.

    If you want to talk further about this send me an email to contact you.

    I also know someone who resides in the Los Angeles area and she knows plenty of big name artist and producers, she always comes through for us with Exclusive stories and pics form the artist, I may be able to put you in contact with her and she could help you find new customers as well.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
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      @Jorge Ram, getting some press couldn't hurt of course. It doesn't seem like a quick way to pick up new clients but if we could score a few reviews I think that would definitely help our brand. I'll look into that. I'll PM you my email address in a sec. Thank you!
      Update, just tried PMing you, but the system won't let me do it until I have 50 posts. Feel free to PM me and I'll write back with my email address. Or go to and click on the logo to get the email address.
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    Yeah, I'm in the same boat with the post count!

    But I just sent you an email through your website. Let me know if you received it.
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    Hi dont know if you received the email or not, but I sent you one yesterday through vidfriends dot com . If not you can also reach me at jorge at hiphopfirstclass dot com.
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