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I bought a PLR package that includes a squeeze page, OTO offer, landing page and autoresponder series. I have no technical background and I have all these files that need to be put together. Can you recommend any service, perferrably somebody who's familiar with internet marketing that could put this all together for me?

I've outsourced on sites such as odesk and getafreelancer before but I found that a lot of these contractors only had general knowledge. Also they would try to always get me on skype at odd hours trying to ask me questions that I had no answer to because of my lack of technical knowledge. I'm confident in my ability to market this site once it's set up but the technical aspect of setting sites up is always a major obstacle for me.

I would appreciate your help with this.

Thank you,

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    I'm not completely sure of the question your asking. Do you just want to know how to put the squeeze page, autoresponder, etc on your site, or do you want to know how to use them?

    And on a side note, outsourcing is great but you should really learn some of the technical stuff. (I'm assuming your referring to website design and coding?) It sucks to have to pay somebody just to do simple work on your site. It use to frustrate the hell out of me, so I spent some time learning different coding languages. But if you don't have the time, just learn CSS and HTML and you'll be okay for most of the stuff you'll probably do.
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    • I'm basically looking for a service or somebody experienced in installing these types of sites so they can help me put all of this together. My technical knowledge is way too limited so I won't even bother attempting to do this on my own.
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    Yeah Your best bet Is to take Joseph advice, and YouTube how to do it. What your trying to do is pretty easy though, so don't let the technical stuff get in your way. But it's just hard to explain this in a forum, and without knowing what hosting service you have or what auto responder your using. (even though there generally all the same.)
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    Do you have the necessary things in place? Do you have a domain and hosting? Do you have an autoresponder service? You are going to need those things before you can start asking people to help you.

    Once you have those things in place then putting it all together isn't very hard at all, for someone who knows what they are doing. But there's no point asking for help if you don't yet have the basics in place that any person will require of you to get something like this setup.

    For all I know you do have those things setup already, I'm just saying...

    For hosting I recommend: Hostgator.com

    For domains I recommend: Namecheap.com

    For autoresponder I recommend: Aweber.com
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    If it is a good package you should be able to do it all yourself. If you have something such as HOSTGATOR. Then just add your domain to the hosting account and then use the "FILE MANAGER" link to upload the files to your domain.

    If it's a good PLR package it should be really easy.

    Then you can use the "HTML Editor" button inside the FILE MANAGER to edit the content of your pages, add your own images, edit text, and drop in the Autoresponder code.

    I don't use Aweber. We have our own code for an autoresponder. But it's the same process. Just grab the HTML code for your autoresponder and drop it on your page.
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