Whats with All the Interest in "Pinterest"?

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Am I the only human alive completely flabbergasted by all the interest in "Pinterest"?

How is it possible that this website is considered "the next big thing"?

Hasn't social sharing been done thousands of times already?

This company just picked up 100 MILLLION in capital from investors...what?
I feel like I've been transported to a parallel dimension where "Pinterest" is the first instance of social sharing on the internet.

Am I missing something here?
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      Originally Posted by Sophia M View Post

      All the interest in Pinterest is pics, pics, and pics! Pics are more powerful and convincing for some certain niche, such as food, fashion, wedding, etc.. It's usually boring to read articles or even short passages on those topics since you just can't get it through characters, but with pics, you can be attracted with a simple glimpse. So this is a place where users tell their stories with pics.
      That's a great explanation, thank you!
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    I don't get it either, but now I'm seeing Pinterest sharing options on blogs and articles, similar to FB and Digg.
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    i thinks its a good social sites growing day by day..
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    It is great for untarget traffic. I am still new but start to get hang of it for the video site of mine
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    Pinterest is good I like that it's have only own concept of pin-up..!
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    Pinterest? ...meh

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    Seems to be the in-thing now for getting traffic.
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    What is Pinterest?

    lol! It's Great Place to make cash if you can target all those middle aged ladies since Pinterest is all about 98% women
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      Pinterest is not the next big thing.
      It IS a big thing.

      It seems they want to be social in as
      much less spammy way as possible.
      If that were possible.

      I find that it is easier to get real followers
      than twitter and facebok. Those seem to
      just want to latch on and ride for spam.

      I would put pinterest over facebook any day.

      Carol Arty, AKA RT
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    Anything that generates more traffic than Google+ and Twitter combined? Im interested
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    ^ Exactly!

    It's not right for everyone but if you have some cool imagery to pin you can do well.

    The demographics are moving now towards something more even, rather than just "middle-aged ladies". It has a huge UK male market, for example.
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    I grew weary of visiting there after a few days. It seems over-hyped and lame to me
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    The only thing you've missed is that somehow it has become incredibly popular with mainly females and the things they're interested in, in picture form.
    It seems that pinterests time has come.
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      I received my pinterest account yesterday morning. After posting a few pics from my sites I received my first repin within a couple of hours.

      I have yet to look at any traffic reports today, but my guess I will do better on this route than trying to push things through twitter, which seems nothing now but bot infested waters.
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    I love Pinterest. It drives more traffic to my websites. I get more visitors from Pinterest than I do from Twitter and Facebook.
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    If you're not a woman, it's hard to get Pinterest. Sorry guys!

    Women love to scrapbook and collect. they do it in their own ways offline (shoes, scrapbooking, recipe collecting, picture albums), and Pinterest allows them to curate all the things they like in one space full of pretty pretty pictures. Women like to organize things they want and wish they had, as well as recipes, and useful tips like a personal encyclopedia of things they need, want, or think will be useful later.

    Very few men use pinterest, and when I see them on there it's usually just a photo/art album. If your target market is men, then Pinterest will have very little targetted traffic for you.

    I see a lot of people using pinterest wrong - making every pin a link to their unrelated website. It's a great way to get lots of traffic at a 99% bounce rate. better to pin other things and leaving the links the way they are to get followers to drive traffic to your pins that actually go to a page that is related to the pin. I've started creating infographics for lots of my content specifically for pinners simply because it leads to much more targetted traffic. Maybe I should write a manual....
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    Very interesting points here on Pinterest, would never have thought of looking at it until I read some of the comments here, so thanks

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    I just have to add my few cents here, because I totally "get" the magic.

    As a member of the Pinterest's target audience (women 35-44) I am totally into it - both from perspectives of
    1. internet marketer and
    2. regular middle-age mom who stays up way too late pinning

    I really think that Pinterest's success is because of timing. It is offering its target audience exactly what they are needing at this point in time: connection, to be seen in what they love, inspiration, solutions and creativity - and it's all online and easy.

    There is a whole game that happens on Pinterest. You put up stuff you like, and that you hope others will like it too. You know they like it when they repin. And that feels good to be repinned (and have others validate your taste and style.) It's online affirmation and you feel "seen" for who you are.

    It's totally Grown-Up Junior High on the Internet for Women.
    Plus a little wedding planning and baby shower magic.
    Women get into this stuff......and Pinterest helps us do it.....in those tiny little moments of our fragmented days.

    As a marketer, once you really understand this demographic, you can really use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site. I do think it works best when your site is related to something this population needs or wants. But almost any niche can be turned into images of inspiration that will appeal. I use Pinterest in conjunction with Polyvore all the time and this method has tripled my website traffic.

    Hope this gives you a little insight into Pinterest and what it's all about.

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      Before I even knew what the heck a "Pinterest" was back in November of last year, the image on one of my blog posts was pinned. One month later, I had roughly over 25,000 visits to that one post and earned close to $400 from adsense... from that one post that got pinned!

      Ever since then, I've been trying to figure this whole Pinterest thing out... to say the least!
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    it's all part of this new social media bubble we are in. There are inflated values based on some pretty useless metrics and LOTS of hype and noise. The over the top news coverage and articles on tech blogs proclaiming it the 3rd largest social network are boosting this beyond belief.

    Pinterest has major issues in their business model such as monetization and of course content theft that no one seems to be speaking of. Now, spammers have latched on and its the end of Pinterest as we knew it. Pinterest can beg all the money they want from fat cat investors but they have no plan on how to pay it back and they will most certainly fail as a business.

    Will go the way of the dodo bird here fairly soon. Use it while you can and grab as much traffic as you can. The web is fickle and the novelty of photo sharing will wear off when the advertisers kick in and the spammers ruin the experience.
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    Wow, thank you for the responses guys you've definitely helped to clarify things for me.
    I find it simply amazing how such a simple concept thing can create such a huge demographic variance.

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    I don't believe in this male-female opposition when it comes about Pinterest and/or images.

    Do you have a Facebook account? Look at what is posted by otherwise intelligent, educated and masculin males: IMAGES

    8 out of 10 posts are some disguised "wisdom" - a clever or an idiotic quote made into an image. It is very obvious, we are witnessing the seismic shift from the written text toward the visually more appealing imagery. Or, should I say: toward the visual messages that require a different brain activity than the phonetic-left-to-right-syllogism-based writing. Remember my words, LOL!

    I even made a test a while ago: one day I just typed some "clever stuff" in a post... next day I made an image using a half-naked female (sorry, girls ). Guess which one got more comments and likes?

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      I think it's mostly hype.. it'll be huge for a little while, but I don't see the long term business model in this. Kind of like trying to create a new iPhone and having it's only selling factor be that "this one's yellow".

      Demographic wise, if you look at the data it is mostly women, whose interests seem to be mostly cooking websites.

      I ask people person-to-person if they've heard of Pinterest, and most have not, but any time one says "I love that site!" it's always a woman.

      Traffic wise it doesn't even compare to a site on a monthly scale like Reddit.

      I think it's neat. I like the branding and everything, but I was very disappointed when I got there. No new features and a feeling like I had wasted my time. But we'll see.
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    It it gets traffic to your site, it can only be a good thing! Just got my invite and set up my account
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    Well, Pinterest was apparently talked about in the Cosmopolitan magazine (I wasn't reading it, it was my partner - honest )

    Go look at it now - count the number of male names you see - I could only find 2 from my quick search.
    I think it is very female-oriented site, but there's no reason that a male-oriented version won't work.
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      Well, I need to look more into Pinterest. It seems I am seeing this name all over the place lately. I'm glad you posted this because I was about to do the same exact thing.
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    In internet marketing every "piece" that you use to drive traffic has different purposes.

    I use Pinterest (and have been using it for this purpose for the last 3 months) to TRANSFER people to where I need them to go.

    I'm sure everyone here has read the mashable article about how pinterest drives more traffic than Google+ Linkedin and YouTube COMBINED


    As an IM'er Pinterest is a MUST have in your grab bag of tricks.

    On top of that, the system I developed brings in minimum 4k UV's daily up to 10K daily and I spend MAYBE 15 minutes on it and I am not spamming.

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