Truly Brilliant Marketing Strategies...Before You Begin

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So, I'm doing some mentoring for some marketers and in an email to one of them I wrote essentially what you're going to see below. I think this is the "big first step" that everyone misses in their eagerness to get started.

Here's what you need to realize about internet marketing. There are a lot of ways to make money with internet marketing, but not all of them are going to work for you. The first big step is getting an idea of what's going to work for you and stick with it.

The problem is anyone can create an internet marketing business. That's a big part of the allure. In any other business before someone goes into business it requires a massive investment of time, money, or both. If you we're going to take out a $100,000 loan to start your internet marketing business, wouldn't you spend a couple weeks studying the system and decide if it's something that really fits for you?

In internet marketing we don't have that gut check. I can have a site up for you to promote in about half an hour and the cost of hosting fees. Because it's that easy, nobody stops and asks "Is this what I really want to do?" They get blinded by the money, jump in, and when it doesn't work right away they move on to something else.

(By the way this also creates a cycle of psychological defeat, so that when you do find something that might work for you, you give up anyway because that's what you've trained yourself to do.)

This is another one of those little secrets anyone selling you a product (a.k.a. the gurus) won't tell you or don't even realize. In most cases their products and strategies work...for them. They might work for you too if you think the same way they do. If you don't then all you're going to do is drive yourself nuts.

A good system is not nearly as important as finding a system that works for you. That all starts with finding out what you're interested in. What I'd recommend is sitting down and answering this one question. What could you see your self doing day in and day out. And I'm not talking about what you would put up with. I'm talking about what you would want to do even though you could make more money somewhere else. If you can figure that out everything else is easy.

For example, would you be happy...

...creating new adwords campaigns every day?
...making a new video every day?
...writing emails to a list every day and interacting with the people on that list?
...writing blog posts or articles every day?

This was one of the biggest challenges for me in internet marketing. I love internet marketing and I love reading about all the new strategies people are using. But just because a strategy works and can make me a lot of money doesn't mean it is something that I want to do. The problem is because the opportunity for money is involved we never ask ourselves is this is something we want to do.

What I had to train myself to do is ignore the money and separate what's cool from what I really want to do. I had to give up on a bunch of things that probably would have made more money, but the thing is I would have made myself miserable trying to get mediocre results. What's the point in that?

I'm working on some marketing strategies to post on the forum, but I wanted to preface them with this idea. Hope it helps.
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