Does Outsourcing Really Suck?

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I've got a problem and I'm hoping you guys can help. (no, it's not about poor quality work)

Been outsourcing for years but really just for specialty things such as SEO, articles, some design, etc. But never programming or coding or even complex web design stuff.

I've always had this role in-house. But now I am trying to make it work with an outsourced model but am finding it quite difficult.

Here's the takes A TON of time to create instructions and make sure people understand the issues and can deliver the work. Not to mention just finding that correct person in the first place

So I'm spending so much time explaining the tasks and communicating with the outsourcer for web work that it is really exhausting. Is it cheap? Maybe. But to me, it kind of defeats the purpose of outsourcing when I have to spend so much time with communication, logistics, quality checking, management, etc.

I am simply trying to mitigate my role in this whole process as I simply detest anything to do with web design/programming.

Please keep in mind that I am not a beginner and have other staff who do different things in my office.

Bottom line is that I am glued to skype and freelance sites trying to get things done and it is really frustrating. I want to be able to say the instructions once and then leave the details to someone else. Knowing what I want is easy...getting it done is another story.

Any advice for a fellow IMer? A project manager type role seems in order to interface between me and the worker but am not sure that is what the role is called.

Anyway, thanks.
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    It almost sounds like you need to outsource your recruiting and training . It almost seems like an oxymoron, but if you can train one person to do this for you and pay them, then your time will be freed up to work on other things. Of coarse you will want to make sure this person is trained well. I don't know where I would be if I couldn't outsource. I have to many things I already do. I do agree though it can be taxing.

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      Exactly what I was thinking. Train one person really well and make sure they completely understand EVERYTHING. Then you can pay that person to train other people on an as needed basis. Seems like the perfect plan to me. This frees up your time to do the important stuff, like make money.
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    The problem with training someone to train is that they may be tempted to more to their own ventures with all the knowledge they have acquired.
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    Originally Posted by contentbiz2000 View Post

    A project manager type role seems in order to interface between me and the worker but am not sure that is what the role is called.
    At vWorker, they're called "Sherpas": Tech Sherpa
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    There are a lot of people who do project management and they take a smallish fee to take care of all your projects.

    Haven't you built long term relationships with any of the workers you have hired?

    If you hire a good enough worker, they'll be able to adapt to your needs without you having to constantly tell them what to do. I believe that actually defeats the purpose of outsourcing.

    Many people spend more time teaching others how to do something than they'd take to do it themselves. It doesn't even pay off since a lot of workers end up disappearing every now and then.

    Find yourself a good project manager, teach him or her everything and every time you need their assistance in training your freelancers, get them in touch and sit back.

    It's probably easier said than done tho - outsourcing is hectic I would imagine.

    You just have to be lucky enough to get the right workers to do your jobs, and then give them incentives to continually work with you.

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    Have you been able to save instructions as templates? It might be easier to have set guidelines for specific projects as templates. Also, try to find individuals willing to work for multiple projects. (Yes, there are reliable individuals who do not disappear!)
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