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I purchased a domain that was registered 14 years ago after it had dropped. I'm pretty sure the "age" resets once a domain drops, right? For example it's not a 14 year old domain anymore, but rather a 3 month old domain - is this correct?
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    Good question. I did see positive results from buying aged domain but it would lose its rankings with time. I think the age alone has a good short time affect but it does not guarantee you #1 position.
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    I'm glad you think it was a good question, but I'm not sure if you even read it...?

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    the date doesn't always reset if you get a drop. it depends on where you bought it from and if it had reached pending delete phase or not.
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    I know little about domain ages. But here is an article I came across about people talking about domain ages, maybe you will be interested in it. Domain Age: How Important Is It for SEO? | Search Engine Journal
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    If the domain expired and became publicly available to register, the "age" clock is reset. If the domain was purchased while still under someone else's control, the age remains.
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