Naked Ladies & The Science of Gimickry

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First of all, I dont have much of a point to this post.

I've never liked long sales pages and ultra hype (although i respect it all), but I love Gimickry.

The first thing I ever bought was "The Rich Jerk".

The product was nice and it inspired me. I was vague in some parts, and I am sure today its probably a bit dated. But it inspired me.

But what made me buy it? the NOVELTY of it all. I loved how -- different it was. I loved how it was just so insulting and stupid but also .. promising.. that I had to buy it JUST TO SEE WHAT IT WAS.

THIS - is a beautiful part of selling I think. I loved how it was FUN. I loved how I knew it would be entertaining.

I've tried a similar type of approach for a product that people NEED. But when I made the page more SERIOUS, it actually sold better.

What I am wondering is: How did the rich jerk's author know that selling a gimick, off-beat product would do better than a serious one? Perhaps because there are already so many serious "get rich" books and everyone knows that the ferraris in the background are a bit dishonest?

Another site that I liked was The weirdness of it all makes me want the product..

I'd love to market like these guys. I think its fun to sell something fun... and it allows for much more creativity. But -- is it quite risky to try this?

I personally like to sell things that are only for desperate people. I think combining humor into it might be risky.....

Sorry I do not really have a point, I just find this stuff interesting.

I guess that I know many people who would NOT buy the Rich Jerk. But then there are probably tons of people - like me -- that just HAD to have it because it was so offbeat and strange...

Does anyone else know any sites that are doing similar things?
I find it fascinating that this sort of thing sells -- especially when people's TRUST is the most important factor to consider..
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