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Hey everyone,

I have been studying direct response marketing for awhile and I am finishing up a whole slew of copywriting books and seminars that have really helped me learn to write sales letters.

I am interested in finding out what products I should purchase to learn information marketing in 2012 and what is working now.

I am choosing between Matt Furey's "How to Build an Info-Publishing Empire from your Spare Bedroom" and maybe some of Ryan Deiss' DVDs of the most recent traffic and conversion summit.

I was wondering if anyone had any reviews of Matt's product and if it was worth it, reviews of Ryan's products and or any recommendations for how to really learn info-marketing and what's working today in 2012 esp. marketing on the internet.

I have my niche pretty well defined, it is a big market (500,000+ people) which I have an intimate understanding of and it is a market where people spend over $2,000 per year indulging this hobby so I think there is probably alot of opportunity to build a multi-million dollar business.

I just want to know what is working now seeing that I tried some of Jeff Paul's stuff from his "How to make $4k a day" course and that doesn't work as well today, which is understandable seeing that it was a course created in 1998.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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    It really depends what type of stuff you are looking for. A course like Ryan Deiss's isn't going to teach you the technical side of things so much like setting up squeeze pages, sales page, etc. Their training is usually the more advanced stuff they have figured out through loads of split testing. Little tricks and tactics you can make to your already existing sales funnel to help make even more money.

    I haven't heard of Matt Furey in the years I have been online but just from the course name it does sound like a lot more of a 'how to' type course.

    If you are interested in the Ryan Deiss stuff then I can highly recommend to you this product which is a set of detailed notes taken by someone at the most recent 2012 Traffic and Conversion Summit.

    So you will get a ton of that info for next to nothing. This you should buy either way.

    It was originally offered here as a WSO (which I bought) and they sold a few thousand copies but now it's just being sold outside of the forum.

    I hope that helps.
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    Thank you very much Will!

    I understand how to setup squeeze pages and sales pages, I am more looking for how to monetize my leads, how to create front-end products and what are good lead magnets, best ways to drive traffic for my niche, how to execute upsells/downsells and how to use email marketing effectively. Basically I want to learn how to apply my copywriting to my niche to sell my info products.

    I will purchase those notes as well, thanks alot for your help!
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