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by EC1
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I have this site, and although I make a few dollars (about 5.00 per week)with it, I need to know what can I do to make more money from my site,
velvetdrapes org

I work a full time job (2nd shift) and come home and try different things but I don't know what it takes to get to at at least ($20.00) a week.

P.S. I don't mind working hard, just will like to get it going.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Eddie,
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    Whats the site about? What promotion have you done so far.

    If you have built the main frame of your site the next step should be promotion. Have you looked at fiverr? Get a video done, get a few articles written and see if you put them on other websites with a link to your site (guest posts), do a press release, do some social media marketing, go to forums in your niche and make posts with a link to your site in your signature.

    Too many people only think about google to get traffic but if you think about 'everything else' you will often find that google rankings come naturally.
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    Thanks, I will look into that as well.
    appreciate the reply.
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    I think if you want to make money, you need to build your list. How to build your list?

    Two ways : either fast or slow

    if you want to make money fast, you can have several ways to get more traffic to your website by using paid method. Solo ads is one of the best methods

    if you don't have extra money for this, you may try forum marketing, video and article marketing, giving out free ebooks and etc.

    Good Luck
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    By the way, I think you need some images in your web site so that people have a clearer idea what are your site promoting.
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    Thank you for you time,
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    your site looks pretty basic I wouldnt expect much revenue from it. Put yourself in visitor point of view: Would you click on any link that on your site ? Would you even read it?
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    Social Media, Fresh "Interesting" Content, solid backlinks, visitor interaction and offer something different from the other sites in your field. Maybe a fresh look and added content would help.
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    I think you should combine many methods to let people know to your website. There are many ways to generate traffic, not just advertising.
    Also you should create social bookmarking. Social media marketing methods are very popular today.
    You can also refer to forum marketing, article marketing ...
    Wish you success!
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    Thank you all for your time and replies.
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    Specify your contents, make reachable those to your target audiences by promotional methods. You can use social media and related groups to market. To attract traffic, make some good content and update those regularly. Moreover make the site attractive and user friendly.

    check out the Pros and Cons of CPA

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    I like this guy! He actually takes the time to thank people. Anyway, right now you DO NOT NEED A LIST. Yeah, most people spit out the standard "get a list" reply. Do not do that yet. Time for some hard truth:

    If you were to look at your website as an outsider, would you even spend a second on it, or would you go somewhere else?

    To me, I would immediately click away. It does not like trustworthy, too many ads, and kinda ugly. Get a good, free wordpress theme, and use that. Make it look nice! you have a good domain name. Start reviewing lots of velvet drapes. become the expert in velvet drapes! Look at these guys: Thirsty Dudes :: Drink Reviews

    They review drinks, but they do it in a very professional manner, on a very nice looking website. You want to be those guys. THEN you build a list and email out things about drapes. Make a capture page with something like "7 mistakes velvet drape buyers make, that you should avoid". Write a small report on it. THen give it away to build your list.

    Of course, I have no idea how big the velvet drape market is, and you need a big enough market to make all this work.

    Hope that helps, feel free to click on the little skype button under my name, and picture if you wanna talk further
    Pick ONE Business Model. Stick With it. Do not focus on anything else. Also highly suggested: Learn Copywriting, and improve your mindset (Read and follow EXACTLY the instructions in 'The Law of Success'). If you do all of these, it is pretty hard to fail.
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      When I googled "velvet drapes" I saw that you were the last rank for page #1.

      You might invest some time into backlinking. Since you have a full-time job, you could outsource this:

      This guy is trying to get his own service going. So by buying his service, he'll helped get you ranked higher (if you can get in the top 3 it will make a difference in your earnings).

      Then you'll be helping out a fellow warrior while he helps you.

      I cannot vouch for his service. I have not used it and don't know the quality of his backlinks, but it is a suggestion. If not his, I'm sure you can find others, or even invest the $20 on fiverr for backlinks (4 jobs!).

      Outside of that, I really like the other page with the drinks... making the site more "real" like the Thirsty Dudes would be a good idea so folks spend more time on the site, increasing the chances of a click.

      Another idea that just jumped out. If you can the site ranked high, you could partner with a brick and mortar drape company that creates velvet drapes. See if you could list their products and sell them. Then you forward the order to the drape company and they in turn deliver it (dropshipping).
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    Draede is absolutely right in terms of how your site looks. It doesn't look reputable.

    I'd suggest (or rather second) the idea of changing the design, and then make sure you learn how to drive more traffic to it. Before you work on traffic, make sure you increase the time your prospects spend on the site. Install Google Analytics and look at the 'Average Time on Site' and 'Bounce Rate'. My suspicion is that your bounce rate is currently pretty high.

    Work at decreasing it, then increase your traffic.
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    Everyone gave me some great feedback, and I like to say Thanks to all good and bad.
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    build a list,make some videos or borrow them from youtube and create more traffic and more interest.Tweet your website bookmark it on ping device and ping your videos.
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