How to revive a "dead" prospect list before a promotion

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I just released a new product to one of my niches (that was actually created during the JV Alert weekend, if you've been there you remember it)

The email list I sent the promotion to was pretty much "dead", there was a few thousand people on it but I had NEVER ever emailed them before (created the optin page 5 months ago).

However, I made a pretty cool amount of sales with a cool little tactic that I'd like to share here.
Here's the template :

Hi [Firstname],
this is [XYZ], expert on [topic].

You signed up to my list about [topic] a while ago.

I know I haven't sent you an email for some time.
If you don't want to receive any emails from me, just click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email, and you'll never hear from me again.

However, if you are ready for all the great stuff I have in stock for you, then just let me share something really good with you.

[share something of actual value, like give them a free video or a very good piece of content, right in the email or give them a link to it. DO NOT SELL ANYTHING IN THIS FIRST EMAIL.]

Talk to you soon,

If you don't want to get any future emails from me, just click here:
[Unsubscribe link]
Then you can either send a survey in the second email, or, as I do now, just replace the good content in the first email by a link... to a survey.

Then, the next email just says "I listened to you, here's what I have to offer" and sends them to the sales letter.

I got very few unsubscribes, and very good response to that email, the survey, and the product that came afterwards.

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    Hi Tony,

    Thanks to that!

    I found out personally that by sending something free first, it does help to get some eyeballs rolling before you do your sales pitch.

    In fact, for a dead list, you have to do quite a fair bit of gift giving and mix it once in a while with a sales offer. That's how it works! At least you make sure that they will open your email.

    I discovered another trick that is very useful. Instead of selling within the email, give them a free report, can be really short such as 3 pages and teach something useful but at the same time do your preselling. Some readers do not read their emails and take action right away.

    With a report, they can read it any time after that and you will realize that conversions are higher!
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    Never tried the report thing.
    I've got a free ebook I could send to my list... kinda like what rich schefren mentions in his last email about leveraging previous assets.

    Your idea sounds great man !

    Mass Control users might want to read this :
    How you can multiply the results of the 4 day Cash Machine

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    Offer them a freebie. Always works.
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