$1k Advertising Budget, What to buy?

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I've recently launched an Audiovisual Training Course called AV University. It teaches people the basics of AV and how to get into the industry quickly. It's targeted towards those that are unfamiliar with this industry and those that are possibly looking to go to a technical school, or just need a career change.

I've got $1000 to start off with for advertising. I've thought about buying a posting on CareerBuilder, Monster, or one of the other big job posting sites. Those posts are about $400 so that would blow nearly half of my budget immediately. I've also thought about PPC with Google, but I feel that this niche would require big money on there.

Other options would be paying for an ad somewhere on Clickbank to attract more affiliates. There are many possibilities for advertising, and I just want to make sure I spend the money as wisely as possible.

I'd like to hear everyone's advice on the best way to spend this money on this particular niche.

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    All the things you mentioned are good ideas. However, without testing them you will never know. If I were you I would start with PPC because at least then if you aren't seeing a decent RIO you can turn it off and control how much you spend. If you drop $400 on an ad that may do nothing for you right away, like you said your bank will dry up fast. I'd test with PPC. I always do this with a new project.

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    If I were you I would build a blog that builds traffic based on keywords in google, begin an SEO campaign, once your efforts with SEO and traffic begins, and start to capture the traffic with autoresponder list. hope this helps.

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