Best Way To Make A "Replicated" Website For My Team?

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I am having a lot of success with the business I am building through the first link in my sig. I want to offer something extra to people that join my Team. The company already provides a replicated website for Agents to send potential referrals to, but I think I can make a better one.

What I want to build is a site my Team can send people to with their own link and have their ID carried through the website and out through the "join" link that goes to actual company's website.

i.e. They come to my site through and look around the information on the site. When they are ready to join they click on a banner to go to Each person in the Team would have their own ID obviously.

I am going to build the site with WordPress. I looked through the plugins and the revenue share plugins look the most closely related to what I am trying to do. Most of them only seem to work with Adsense and I don't know if I can pull the ID out of the Adsense code and put it where I need it.

I found a program at

WP Promo Bot

that looks like it will do what I want. I don't mind buying it if it does what I need, but I would prefer a free plugin if there is one available.

I have also been looking at how to use a php GET$ to do it, but a plugin already designed for this would probably work better.
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