What are the Advantages of More YouTube Views/ Buying Youtube Views

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I have a question in my mind from quite long time, When I search something on youtube I find some videos with very less views on top and sometimes videos with more views at front page.

I want to know what's the algo of youtube ranking, like in search engines more backlinks, better keyword placement are the important factor for better Search Engine Rankings.

How Youtube Search Works? Also Getting More Views for any Video will have any impact on its ranking on youtube?

Expect some experts views on it.

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    Hi Anki, there are a number of reasons why a video with less view would outrank a video with a ton of views in Youtube..

    You see the amount of views a video has is only one part of the ranking system - many other factors are taken into account such as...

    1. Keyword listed in Title/File Name
    2. Keyword ration in description box, first & last sentences in description area
    3. What Tags you choose for your video
    4. The number of Likes/Shares/Backlinks/Channel subscribers you have

    They are just some of the things that play a part in how your video ranks and may explain the situation who describe...

    Hope that gives you a little idea of whats going on
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    As Noel said, views are only part of the equation.

    You can buy/cheat your way to getting more views, but this cheats the advertisors, if you've monetized your channel. And if you're caught you'll get banned by Youtube and Adsense.

    There's better ways to get legit views.
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