Use Aweber? Simple Trick to Pay Lower Fees

by Linx99
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If like me your account is getting out of control (i.e. a TON of subscribers across many different lists), you will also know that the Aweber subscription cost increases with each additional 1000 or so subscribers you have on your list.

Now don't get me wrong, this is a problem I am delighted to have since more subscribers means more income.

But, did you know that Aweber counts towards your total subscribers those people who have actively 'unsubscribed' from your lists?

So you end up paying for subscribers who have actually unsubscribed.

A little bit sneaky I think you'll agree.

The Solution - Delete Your Unsubscribed Names

Navigate to > Subscribers > Search > Unsubscribed. Then hit "Search".

You'll now see a list of all your Unsubscribed users. Select all on the "Erase" box to the right of each name. Then hit "Save".

Done - you have cleaned up your list and won't pay for those people any more.



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    Yeah, this is important.

    Before I was paying for 5,000 unsubscribers; made a big difference after cutting them out.
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    Wow! I never knew Aweber did that. Thanks for this great bit of info. Going through now and deleting my unsubscribes.
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    Some marketers still keep the unsubscribe list because there are ways to make them actually subscribe later on
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