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Hey guys,

I am starting my own Article Writing Service, and I want to build a website where people can view portfolio, and my prices and order from me. The problem is I don't have the money right now to pay for hosting and a domain, so I am basically bootstrapping everything. Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can create a free website that will allow me to upload my portfolio, and gives me the functionality of an order button until I can get enough money to get my own domain. I am aware of blogspot and other sites like that, but it is always good to ask because you never know what you might find right? Thanks in advance for the replies.

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    Well, why don't you borrow $50 from someone so you can afford a domain and hosting for the next few months?

    I don't understand how you guys can talk about starting an article service, but don't have $20 to $50 to invest.

    You can buy a domain at godaddy that contains your keyword so that you might also rank easier in Google.

    You could start a blogspot but creating a website there brings its limitations.

    Buying and hosting your own domain will always offer you more freedom and control over your business.
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    I suggest you just write a few articles for other warriors or go to fiverr and offer your services to get some startup cash.

    You don't need a domain yet you can still get work. Offer cheap review copies to get people to buy and do a good job. You will get more orders and you can worry about a website to showcase your work later.

    Don't worry about all the details. Just get started.
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      Post a comment in your signature offering a good deal and have people email you to take you up on it.

      Keep posting wherever you can add value, being sure to remember that each post is your resume for now.

      Once you've done a few orders, you'll have the money to get your domain and hosting (less than $20, by the way, using GoDaddy and a Baby Plan over at HostGator).

      When you deliver your orders, follow up in 24 hours and ask your buyers for feedback. Assuming it's good feedback, you can use that on your site and in future ads. If you get any negative feedback, you can improve before going full-on live.
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      ***Especially if you don't have enough time, money, or just plain HATE writing***
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    There are lots of places and ways to create a free website. Just go type "free website" into Google.

    The problem, though, is that they are worth zip. You MUST have a professional looking well indexed website to show your potential clients.

    The reason is that you have a ton of competition.

    An alternative was mentioned by 88crxsi. Fiverr. You could try that. Still you have a ton of competition. Gigs might be erratic. (Still, were it me I'd sign up pronto.)

    As much as I'd like to pet you and say to "just get started," that wouldn't be realistic advice.

    You have chosen a very competitive niche. Always has been going back to the days when paper was invented in 1327BC.

    While in 2012 when we have lots more outlets for writers, there are lots more writers.

    If you're serious, I suggest making a plan, creating a great site, and start loading it up with lots of samples. There are no shortcuts to your chosen field that will make you stable, real money.

    The good news is if you do it right, and focus focus focus on the goal, then you stand as good of a chance as the next guy to succeed with articles.

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    This is a lot of great info!

    @GeraldGigerl: I'm not using this as an excuse, but I am a college student, and $50 is hard to come by for me. However, I will definitely keep in mind your advice about the keywords once I get enough money. Thanks again!

    @88crxsi: Great advice. I will definitely look around the warriors for hire, and see if I can find some jobs to get my foot in the door. Thanks again.

    @Freedom66k: Thanks for the link. I will certainly look into that.

    @Tina Golden: Priceless info! I didn't even consider that. I most certainly will implement that. Thanks again.

    @housewarrior: You are certainly right I have chosen a competitive niche, but I am up for the challenge. Thank you for the advice.

    "I am Space" -Someone Out There

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    Go to somewhere like iwriter and write for really crap rates until you have enough in paypal for a website, hosting, and an ad in Warriors for Hire.

    You might also like to look at hosting somewhere like weebly - which I understand is a good free site provider - which you can then upgrade to paid.

    Hope that helps

    I like to keep an open mind, but not so open that my brains fall out

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    Thanks! I will definitely give that a look, and see if I can incorporate it into my plans.

    "I am Space" -Someone Out There

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