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There are so many different ways to get traffic to your site. You have the paid ones and the free ones. Of course the free ones take more work.

Because I am limited with money right now, I choose the free way. When I first started out in this business PPC was really popular and it was not that expensive then. But it can add up with a penny here and a nickle there. I had to stop cause I was digging myself in a whole and did not know what I was doing. That scared me so I backed off and started looking at other ideas. I will say, I did make some money doing that though, but I was not balancing my self out.

Since then, I've been afraid to touch PPC (not sure what the other paid traffic ways are) it caused me to have some questions.

Is any one particular way to traffic your site better than the other? Or is it just preference? Do the different types of traffic introduce you to different audiences?
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    Hi Susanna,

    I think you need to check this subforum CPA, CPM, CPL - Millionaire Makers..
    All the gurus of paid traffic are in there, and you will find pretty solid advise on how and where to start. Just fromulate your questions wisely, one at a time.

    Good luck!
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    Yes, i'd recommend staying away from PPC esp if your low on funds
    as this can easily become a costly exercise and get out of control
    unless your a PPC expert. One of the best free ways to get traffic is
    by doing ad swaps or a joint venture with another marketer if you have
    a list.
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    This should be in the SEO section - it's been asked and answered many times before.

    nothing to see here.

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      Originally Posted by Susanna Dodd View Post

      Is any one particular way to traffic your site better than the other?
      For me, yes, very much so.

      I've never seen or heard of anything that can come anywhere near matching the floods of highly targeted traffic I get from the syndication of my articles to relevant publications and websites. And that's a free method.

      Originally Posted by Susanna Dodd View Post

      Or is it just preference?
      To some extent, I think it's bound to be.

      Different people have different skill-sets and capabilities (and interests).

      Some people want to invest some capital in building up their traffic (I never did, and still don't).

      Originally Posted by Susanna Dodd View Post

      Do the different types of traffic introduce you to different audiences?
      Yes, very much so.

      They can be more, or less, targeted, and they can also have very different opt-in rates and then sales conversion rates, too, I've found.

      My own primary consideration about attracting traffic, actually in all of my niches, has always been to avoid dependence on search engine traffic. Not only because a business which depends on Google for its traffic is never going to be more than one algorithm-change away from a potential accident, or even a potential disaster (as so many Warriors have apparently been finding out recently, sometimes to their very great cost!) but also because that's always been the poorest-quality traffic, for me, out of everything I've tried.

      Ironically, I've actually ended up with quite a lot of Google traffic, now - not because I've sought it at all, but just because when you get articles syndicated, only relevant websites want them (of course) and the linkjuice value is determined primarily by the relevance to your own site of the sites on which they appear.

      Some of Google's most recent algorithm changes (all the "Panda" ones of 2011 and the more recent "Penguin" update) have also been particularly kind to article marketers, as it's turned out, by (a) ensuring that we can rank articles on our site pretty effortlessly by taking the article directory copies away from the front page of the SERP's, and (b) finally starting to take away so many of those other competing sites with "bought backlinks"/"spammy backlinks"/"automated backlinks", which was certainly a very nice bonus to marketers who haven't ever tried to manipulate their rankings by any spammy or automated subfusc-headware means.

      But I regard all of that Google stuff as "just a little extra", and I'd certainly hate it to be my "main traffic", because I have a mortgage to pay and need as much as possible of my monthly income to be secure and stable.

      Originally Posted by Andyhenry View Post

      This should be in the SEO section
      I don't quite see why, Andy? The OP doesn't read like an intrinsically SEO question, to me?
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    For me, i am doing articles and soloads. Articles marketing is a free traffic source if you can write by yourself. It is actually good for long term traffic and branding. You can do soloads as well. Maybe you can plan to spend $100 every month for soloads. Plan your spending well if you can to balance out.
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    Free traffic is the base, by paid traffic is a great increase of power.
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