Warriorforum is a bit slow today, did you notice that too?

by Velant
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I've noticed it takes tens of seconds to load a page/save comment today, whereas normally it takes only a split second.

So WF is being rather slow for me today. Is it the same for you?
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    It's been slow for the last 2-3 weeks for me. I think we're just having an uptick in the # of users online who want to read all of my posts, though.

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    I'm not noticing much difference than any other time I've been here. Are other sites besides WF loading fine for you?
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    I find that it is still acceptable.
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    I've noticed it's slower, but for me it seems a lot slower during day time hours than evenings.

    I also tend to pop in much later at night and then it seems as fast as always. Best times for me is between 10 am and 2 am.
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    Seems ok to me at the moment but a few weeks ago it was realllllly slow. Happens occasionally.

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    Its always slower for me compared to 99% of the other sites I visit, and no, its not my connection I have 100mb cable connection

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    Fine here seems very normal.
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    It's been happening on and off for a few weeks; but I haven't noticed any problems when I've hopped on throughout the day today.
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    Some times WF is slow to load and other times it's fast. Today seems ok
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