Kanye West & Kim Kardashians' "secret" that'll increase your WSO Sales, TODAY!

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Hi Warriors,

It was in a busy Mexico City subway when it hit me:

Kayne West & Kim Kardashian know the power of this "secret" more than most ever will!

And more importantly, they know how to implement this "secret" more than just about anybody else.

And if you could implement this "secret" like many of the TOP WSO sellers DO, then you'd be seating on a goldmine, without end.

So what is this weird "secret"?

They know the power of AFFLIATE MARKETING.

Lets take a look at Kanye & Kim individually, then together, and then apply this model to increasing your WSO sales (which is the point of this thread).

Kanye West has collorbated with: Jaime Foxx, Daft Punk, Jay-Z, Estelle, Justin Beiber, Patti LaBelle, Katy Perry, Chris Martin, & many more.

Kim has collobrated with: People, Sears, E!, & many more.

What they have done is taken existing KNOWN brands or personalities, and they've attached themselves to the other in a form of cross promotion or collaboration.

They both got there starts leveraging others core abilities to their to launch themselve into another level.

And now as a couple, they are creating a strong feedback loop for greater PR.

Also, as a couple, it makes for a great story, that you just HAVE to know what the lastest is.

So what does this have to do with affliate marketing and WSOs?


Your ability to sell your WSO will depend more on the strength of your affiliates than you can ever imagine!

Sure, killer copy is important. Sure, having a great product is vital. Of course having a complete backend increases profit margin by a factor of at least 10X.


... your WSO sales will depend more on the quality and quanity of your affiliates.

Kanye knows this. Kim knows this. So should you!

Now, unlike Kim, you can't release a porno of yourself to get a buzz about yourself.

So what do you do?

Be like Kanye: collaborate with known WSO celebrities.

If you have a killer product or service, figure out a way to get them on board. Get them to notice you. Get them to see they can make money joining your bandwagon.

This is ideal for co-branding. And more importantly, getting them to sign on as affiliates of your WSO.

In fact, even if you PAY each WSO celebrity $100 a 30 minute conversation to get known, It'd be worth your money. Because you need only (1) to say yes.

And milk the $#!% out of it.

And if you're like Kim, if you already have a brand, lend your influence to a person with substance who has a killer product/service, but not the ability to marketing themselves.

And lastly, you can go Kim & Kanye route: one does promotion, one does development in a partnership relationship.

I don't know, maybe there is money-making point somewhere in here.

What do you think?

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