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Hi Everyone,
I'm completely new to IM and have spent over 15 days glued to my laptop flitting from forum to ebook to youtube and back to forum. I've completely lost direction before even having any. Having ordered a couple of books on affiliate marketing from amazon, I'm wondering where on earth to start....create my own product? or affiliate? and then all those articles...
Does anybody have any pointers that might prevent from overwhelm,whim and impulse. Could I also ask about resell rights too....having bought some for an ebook last year, is it then possible to buy domain name, host them and outsource some SEO.
Any help, scolding, advice, critisism warmly appreciated,
Thanks in advance,
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      I would always advise starting your internet career as an affiliate.

      But more importantly you need to decide on a plan of action and a plan of business for at least the next 12 months.. choose one direction and stick to it. It pays to be consistent.

      Spend a few weeks reading and learning, ask specific questions here about direction and your options based on what resources you have available, budget, time etc.

      Let us know if we can help and what you decide to do

      Create Your Success!


      p.s. Welcome to the WF - the number one online procrastination site :rolleyes:

      Bare Murkage.........

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        Ok, cool, thanks very much.
        Imran, I'd heard that you weren't allowed to include affiliate links in articles submitted to ezinearticles, and that you had to direct them to your own site?
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          Originally Posted by Rachelj View Post

          Ok, cool, thanks very much.
          Imran, I'd heard that you weren't allowed to include affiliate links in articles submitted to ezinearticles, and that you had to direct them to your own site?

          I'm not Imran .. but I'll answer...

          Yes it's true that affiliate links aren't allowed in EzineArticle.


          Squidoo URL's are

          and Blogger URL's

          So you can work around that rule without having to buy a domain right now


          Bare Murkage.........

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        You need to find a system that suits you and your abilities.

        Check out this thread started by Andy Henry


        Steven Wagenheim writes a lot of good advice about how to get started.

        All the advice in the world can't help you unless you have a clear plan, a clear system, a clear goal, and take focused action to reach your goal.

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          My 2 cents.....

          If you are totally new, find a FREE opportunity that gives you a FREE web site....concentrate on getting traffic to that web site. When you start seeing results, tailor the site to your niche, which by now, you may well have discovered.

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        Hi Rachel,
        What Jay said about having a plan is spot on. Plans starting with knowing what you need to know, though not necessarily, how.

        For instance, you need to know that you are going to need to write good copy. You don't need to know "how" to write good copy, sine this can be outsourced., but you need to know that it will need to be done.

        Next, you need to assess your strengths, and weaknesses so that you know what you do know how to do, what you need to learn how to do and how to outsource the rest of it.

        Then you can begin to make a plan. You have your overall business plan which depicts your mission, income goals, and timelines. The most important thing you have in here, though, in my humble opinion, is your resume. This is where you take stock of what you have to offer to your business so that you know where you best fit into it. Don't start off trying to wear every hat, instead, just identify which hats fit you. In your financing plan, you will make a plan to rent out the hats that fit you in order to raise capital for your business when you need to, and in a separate section of your financial plan, you will identify which hats just don't fit that you need to rent from someone else.
        For example how many domain names do you need to purchase? How many products do you need to create, and what do you need to outsource, in order to achieve your income goals?

        Next the financial plan. In the financial plan you determine your start up cost and fixed monthly costs. This shows you the amount of money you need to start up and stay running. If you have an initial amount of money set aside to start this business, you will account for it here, and here is where you will determine a plan for how to distribute that money across the various needs of your business. If you have no, or not enough, start up money, you can use your resume to figure out what you can offer to people to raise it.

        Finally, you have your marketing plan. An Internet Marketing business has to be looked at a little bit differently than a regular old start up small business plan, because each website is a business in itself, and if you are selling various 'niche' products, each them may need a slightly different marketing plan. This is why back when you created your overall business plan, you made those 'timelines' so that you can start each website as it's own business and know wh en you want to move on to the next one and start creating it's business plan.

        I have a great book for building your foundation and knowing what you need to know. I'll send you a PM with my email address and send you the book. I"m a huge advocate of the business plan so if you need any help in that department, just shoot me a PM.

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          This happens it happened to me too. What I think is you should start taking action. Nobody can point to you what to do first because what worked for them may not work for you. The best way to start would be to do something that you feel comfortable with.


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