Something isn't right here...With my stats...

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With 5 EzineArticles revolving around a Colon Cleanser product, I have accumulated 1700 article views, and over 600 URL clicks. Making my CTR over 35%.

Look at this typical article. The link in the resource box goes directly to the manufacturer via redirect. Herbal Colonic Cleanse - Health Benefits

Just about all of my articles have 3 paragraphs. The first one says what the problem is. The second one tells why that problem occurs pretty much. Then the last one says how this product will solve those problems and how it will do it.

With 600 clicks I have made 0 sales. This seems almost impossible to me. Why were they checking out my article and why even CLICK on the link if not one of them were going to buy it? What are the chances this is some kind of error regarding the affiliate setup or the way I am using the link? I know 5 articles is nothing, but this is ridiculous.

Even if I make one sale right now, I'll still have a conversion rate of like 0.15%! This product costs around 100$ last I checked for a large kit.

What are your expert opinions/advice?
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    Have you made sales with this program before? Some are just shady and don't report all the sales to CJ...
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    My own advice... since I love researching things...if I am looking for information on a specific subject...I will read the article that is presented to me. But if a link to the actual site exists I will go click on the link to see what the site has to say.

    Do not assume because someone clicks on your link that they are going to purchase the product on that site. 8 out of 10 users will go there to see if there is any more helpful information on the subject there and perhaps one or two will go there out of curiosity.

    In my own opinion I have always found more information on the given subject on the actual website. So remember that. It is possible that the product itself is too high priced, so do a comparison research where you can see if similar products offer the same and priced lower.

    Here you are only assuming something...when in fact you should ask people to read the article and when they click through ask them why they did.
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      Is it possible for commissions to be "late"? Like it would show on CJ that I got 600 clicks to my link (from that one program), yet 0 commissions.

      Is it possible there is a delay that is days or weeks long before the program reports my sales to CJ?
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        Yes, you are. As long as you use a top level domain.

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            Anyone got any more advice/explanations?
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              I've had 1200 clicks on a targeted ad for an affiliate program, where I used the price in the headline so nobody would click through thinking it was free, go by without a single sale. It happens.
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              It could just be that the product converts horribly.

              It is entirely possible that the price is too high...

              It could be that the sales page is ugly and drives customers away...

              Maybe they are not reporting commissions...

              It could be any number of things. I don't think that either you or anyone else is going to be able to pin point what the issue is here.

              That is where testing comes in. Find another product, there could be a competing product on CJ or maybe even look at the market place on clickbank and see if there is one. Send 600 visitors to the new product.

              If you still get no sales, find something else to sell.

              You have already done the hard part. You already know how to drive traffic and with affiliate marketing everything else is a cake walk.
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                Yea. I was told that health products on average convert best. However this is converting very crappily in my opinion. So far.
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                  I've never researched the subject of your offer before...

                  But, typically there is an ass load of information that can be found online
                  for all kinds of health issues. So, it is likely that your potential customers
                  are just researching deeper and getting the info they need on another
                  website or whatever.

                  Take what you have learned about driving traffic and getting people to
                  a sales page and try it on another product, man. Sooner or later you are
                  bound to strike gold!
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