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So, I have a new site idea. I'd like some feedback before moving any further with it.

-I go to Amazon and find a little niche category. I set up a site "buy___.com/net/org"

-I build a super simple review site for the top 10 or 20 selling items in that niche from Amazon. I get real reviews from real people and give the whole site a very personal feel.

-At the bottom or within each review article for each niche product, of course I put my "buy now from amazon" button/link.

As far as SEO goes, use each of my review articles (spun or new ones) on a few different article sites. Spread the site link around to a few forums, blogs, etc. All white hat stuff, nothing spammy.

Any feedback?
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    That is a good general Amazon plan. The keys to success will be the niche and traffic.

    Are you planning an authority type site mixing information articles with product reviews, or will you be very niche and product specific?

    I am looking at building my sites out to a bit more authority and adding content. I'll monetize with AdSense, Amazon or both.

    But I am also thinking of making some very targeted product sites because, despite all the Google machinations, they still seem to rank well and perform.

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    Anyone else? I'd really like a veterans opinion.
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    What's your idea? This is the basic blueprint for any amazon site... I am failing to see what you need help with.
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    That is a decent foundation. However, I go against the grain and suggest people target low-competition products that very few others are promoting. I do this and my sites require very little if any backlinking, allowing me to focus on content creation on my site.

    I've been very successful with this strategy. So much that I make a full-time income in 40-50 hours per month.
    Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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