Why Does Sizzle Always Sell Better Than The Sausage?

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I hope it's not just me, but when ever I promote solid information products that explain what they're about and all the benefits that learning the information can bring they always under perform.

Yet it seems that if you throw together a smaller package and add in big claims about how easy it is make money and don't actually explain what the product is other than a new "pintrest" method you can sell hundreds of copies

(insert the latest fad into "")

Are we all so short sighted and desperate that we keep on buying the sizzle and hoping it will still be there tomorrow long after the tempting smell and sound of the sizzle has gone.

Overall I guess I'm trying to day what is it about hard work that puts you off buying products?
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    Well it's all about appealing to a person's deep internal wishes...We would all like to not work and still make millions. Therefore if you tell someone hey - I'll show you a method which will make you $100 per day provided you work hard it might not be that appealing.

    But if you re-word the same and tell them - Do these 3 things today & you will easily achieve $100/day by this evening. It will have more of an appeal.

    But you can't add the sizzle alone without having a high quality product in the first place otherwise people will want refunds right away. So it has to be a good mix of the right marketing & the right product.

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    We don't all buy that stuff.

    The reason people hype stuff up like that is because if they just told the simple truth about it very few would buy it.

    Many of the forums members are newbies desperate to make any money they can and they'll buy just about anything that makes a promise of quick and simple money - regardless of almost anything.

    It's the same reason you see people using statements like "this method steals traffic from under Googles nose" rather than "this has been shown to increase traffic to websites".

    If you just say it like it is it's not appealing to their 'special' filter.

    The truth about seo is that the stuff that made sense and worked 10 years ago still works today, it's just the fad techniques that don't last (of course), but we've ended up at a place where people think only the new fad stuff will work and seo is somehow complicated unless you're using some latest trick - that's just because of the stuff people are selling and needing to sound new and special.

    Some of the hype is just good marketing - some of it is just BS to trick gullible noobies.

    The easy solution is to understand your business and not need any special new tricks to know you can grow it.

    nothing to see here.

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    For IM in particular, we're marketing (mostly) to biz opp seekers who want the easy ticket to riches... so you sell that easy ticket -- as close to reality as possible if you're ethical.

    Some people just take it too far, and some people are just too gullible.

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    It's the "shiny object sydrome" that those of us with more experience know we should avoid. It's always a temptation, though. Maybe, just this one time there will be a way to make money without working as hard.

    Many of the "gurus" use this marketing strategy regularly.
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    In general you sell the sizzle because a product in and of itself is not worth much to most of us. It's not what it is, but what we can do with it that gets our attention.

    We don't just see a product or service -- we imagine ourselves using it and what that will mean. I suppose that's why I see so many bald guys driving Mustang convertables .

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      Originally Posted by AndrewStark View Post

      Overall I guess I'm trying to day what is it about hard work that puts you off buying products?
      For a large amount of people, it's the whole "hard work" part. They desperately want to believe that you really can buy a $77 product, put your business on autopilot, and curl up on their own private island -- and the hyped-up sales copy lets them believe their fantasy can actually turn into a reality (at least for a little while, until they realize it doesn't work, and they're off to the next shiny object).

      Originally Posted by Andyhenry View Post

      Some of the hype is just good marketing - some of it is just BS to trick gullible noobies.
      Exactly! I suppose there's alot of money to be made off of gullible newbies (since there seems to be a never-ending stream of them), but the *real* businesses out there are sticking with the former.

      Originally Posted by JimDucharme View Post

      I suppose that's why I see so many bald guys driving Mustang convertables .
      That's a trend that has really got to stop! It's not a good look :p
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        Sometimes the smell of the sizzle is from real sausage... but when you tell people that they actually have to work hard to make the sausage themselves, it suddenly becomes less appealing.
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    IM spins easy money to make quickly but in reality it takes work and effort to build a site and idea, and to make profits even harder. No easy $$

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    I call this chocolate-covered vegetables...

    People LOVE chocolate so they buy that. But they NEED vegetables (but don't buy it).

    Products that are chocolate alone will sell well but are not good for anybody. Products that are vegetables alone are good for everbody but won't sell well.

    The solution?

    Sell chocolate-covered vegetables - sell people what they WANT and give them what they NEED. :-)
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      Sizzle is a feel good product - like fireworks. All you have to do is BE in order to experience the sizzle.

      To get the benefit of sausage you have to chew it up - too much work for some.

      Now I'm thinking chocolate covered sausage - could turn me off sausage AND chocolate.

      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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        Besides, have you ever see sausage being made?

        Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

        Now I'm thinking chocolate covered sausage - could turn me off sausage AND chocolate.

        Not sure about chocolate covered sausage, but chocolate covered bacon is surprisingly good...
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    People buy what they want and not what they need.

    In this climate people NEED to pay off their debts and mortgages as quickly as possible. But they WANT to go on holiday and buy the fast cars first

    In your case they NEED the sausage but WANT the sizzle

    In my view thats why the sizzle sells
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