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Hey everyone,

I think i need some help. I spent about two weeks doing research and surveying how my service (video/motion graphic production) would be received. I got a lot of excellent feedback, and decided to offer my services for hire. I started a WSO thread, I added the thread to my sig, and sat back and waited for the cash to roll in (Note the sarcasm). Since then (yesterday) I have created some graphics for use for free, and Tried to post on many threads just to get my name out there. I need some advice on what I could do to get people to notice my WSO thread. Maybe I'm charging too much, maybe people dont like my work, I dont know. Please critique me.

Thank you!

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    Hi Matt,

    It may be that you just joined this forum Feb, and no one knows you well enogh yet to know if they can trust you. You have to remember that money is tight too, When you mix both - no credibility yet and bad economy, you get no sales.

    What extra money people do have, they will most likely spend it on people they've found to be the most credible ... well unless they are new maybe.

    My suggestions would be to post some really good valuable threads that will actually help people/members out. That's of course without pre-selling or promoting your WSO in any way inside the threads.

    Around here, self promotional threads are a very big no no.

    If you post valuable info, they will check you out, you will build some credibility, etc ..

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    Hi Matt

    Mary makes a very good point. I have found the WF to be a place where the more you give (advice and help) the more you seem to get back and the more people are willing to support you, once they get to know and trust you.

    I really believe WSO success is not a right or automatic, it comes with an unspoken caveat - first you give - then you receive.

    Wish you much success.

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