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I noticed my wordpress site doing something that I don't like and I want to figure out how to stop it.

On one of my pages is a report to download if someone opted in. However I noticed that someone can still get to it by typing in an incomplete url. Wordpress is finishing the url for them

So my download page is:


But if you go to my site and type in only:


You will be taken directly to:


Is there a way to stop that from happening?
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  • Are you sure it is Wordpress doing it and not the browser?
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    I've tried 3 different browsers on 3 different computers and the url is getting filled in on all of them, so i don't know what else it could be except wordpress.

    How would the browser know what the exact url to fill in would be?
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      Originally Posted by russ3377 View Post

      How would the browser know what the exact url to fill in would be?
      WP can't control your browser.

      If you've visited a site, your browser will remember its history and will autofill a url if you have that feature turned on.

      Have the other computers you've tried been to the download link before?
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    The OP is right - this is a function of wordpress.

    Quick fix is to create a page called 'download'

    so you have



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