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Hi All,

They say you should build a business around your passion. I have an unusual hobby. I'm able to create figures out of aluminum foil.

I'm new to the forum so I can't post an image, but if you would like to see an example of my work, you can see it here:

For years I've given these figures away to friends and family. When I make them, people often gather and watch, kind of like "street magic".

Now I'm considering starting up a blog and a related YouTube channel to display the art form and see where it takes me.

Each week I plan to make a video of my hands making some figure to music, and I post it on YouTube. It can take me anywhere from a minute to three minutes to create a figure. Since it's unique, hopefully, a video or two might go viral. My YouTube channel will have links to my blog, where I'll have additional content like showcases, tutorials, etc, and a mechanism to collect names with Aweber.

I have a few ideas to monitize the blog, but right now I would like to ask some questions about generating traffic.

Since I can make anything, I'm thinking that a good approach might be - before I make a video - do keyword research to see what people are searching for and make a figure based on that.

For example, recently the movie, "The Hunger Games" was popular and there were lots of searches on it. The lead character was named "Kitness", a female archer. To tap into this, I would do keyword research to find keywords that I have high searches and low competition, like "Katniss with bow", and make a video of my hands forming an aluminum foil figure based on "Katniss with bow", write titles and text containing the keyword phrase, post it on YouTube and my blog, and optimize from there.

In theory, this sounds like a good way to generate traffic because I can target many high volume, timely subjects, but I see problems with it. First, my blog will wind up showcasing many figures on various popular subjects. The common theme is that all figures are made of aluminum foil, but no one is searching for "aluminum foil figures". The blog will become a collection of figures on various popular subjects, and I can see how this might hurt me with the search engines. Still, I feel my best chance to draw traffic is to use the art to tap into other, more popular subjects.

What do you think of using the art to tap into popular subjects?

How would you suggest I do keyword research to find good keyword phrases to target?

Many Thanks,
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