How to market passion based websites ?

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    Everything you have mentioned is a good idea. The problem is deciding which one is a good idea for you. How long has your site been up? Has it made it to the first page of Google yet? Are you getting traffic from relevant sites or just from wherever they happen to click from?

    Unfortunately, we need more information before we can really help you out.

    -- j

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    Few thoughts:

    You're off to a good start since you have great content already.

    Your adsense aren't getting any clicks because your traffic count is probably WAY too low

    Since you started with this fitness niche stick with it and dig deep. Build this site into a big a** authority site and that's how you'll win.

    Making money with adsense and a products review page is really just an SEO game. If you can rank high for many keywords you'll make money assuming your content and the personality behind the writing is decent.
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        rdogg, here's a thought...

        You mentioned being in the "health and fitness niche." You are actually talking about one of the largest, most diverse and most competitive markets on or off the Internet.

        I can think of at least one big-ass authority site you'll never overtake - WebMd. Sites by organizations like the Heart Association are going to be tough as well.

        You need to niche it down to a manageable sub-niche, or, since you plan to build for the long haul, a smallish group of tightly related sub-niches.

        Let's use me as an example. Your market could be "overweight men over 50", which opens up all kinds of closely related possibilities. Like how to lose weight (yawn), how to live with the weight, how to get some semblance of fitness in spite of the weight, core strength, joint fitness, sports (think golf, etc.) over 50, dealing with age and weight related aches and pains, and on and on and on...

        It will give you a chance to build a loyal group that will buy what you offer or recommend, and a chance to establish real authority as opposed to just a big-assed website.

        Do you see where I'm going with this? Pick the right group, do the job right, and you won't have to think about settling for pennies from Adsense...
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        Originally Posted by rdogg12794 View Post

        That is exactly what im trying to do for this site, make it an authority site where people regularly return to with high traffic. I have no clue about getting on the first page of google, considering my site is much cleaner and relevant than most on the first page
        I hear ya. My advice is to start by targeting long tail keywords related to the central theme of your site. Rank for those first and then start going for more broader termed phrases.

        Also you want to consistently grow your site. I have a site that I blogged for at least once a day for over 90 days straight and sometime before the 90th day I was suddenly bumped up for so many keywords.
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  • Aside of using wordpress, you can use other social network sites that are high PR that can make your site on the top in Page ranking. Just build more back links.
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    • Creating a page with product reviews might work. For the start, you can use social media to promote your content. Sign up on different forums related to the health and fitness niche and leave useful comments. These strategies will help you get more traffic. Start a link building campaign. You will be able to monetize your website as your traffic will increase. There are many affiliate programs that work well for health related sites.
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    Shop around for the best website hosting package. Always ship paid orders as soon as you can. Offer several shipping options for your customers. Offer promotions if possible--especially when you first open your online store.
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