Which Internet Business Person Do You Consider As A Mentor?

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I know Theirs a lot of Internet Business person consider themselves a Guru..
Who Do You Think is The Best One? And Do You Consider Them As a Mentor?
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  • I don't know about mentor, but I would say a really good teacher is Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome
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    I'm a sucker for sincerity and depth. Hype and lot's of talking/promos are a turn off for me. So regardless of how much someone makes, I'll usually go for the 'sleeping giant' type.

    So with that said, I don't necessarily have any mentors, but really like the style of Jamison Palmer and Glen Allsop. Both are very very successful and both answer their own emails and have sincere interest in helping others.

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    No mentors either, but the people I do follow and think truly know their stuff is Frank Kern and MJ DeMarco from Millionaire Fastlane.
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  • Brendon Burchard

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    While I don't have a specific mentor, I follow posts by the following very closely:

    Itsvan Horvath for all things WordPress. He can be a little cantankerous, but there's wisdom in his words.

    Brian Kindsvater for web-based legal issues. His Internet Marketing Law Center is probably the best money I've spent.

    Craig Desorcy for general IM theory. Very smart guy. I like the way he thinks.

    I know I'm leaving people out, but these are the three who immediately come to mind.

    If you want me to go on arguing, you'll have to pay for another five minutes.

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