Affiliate Cross Promotion Listbuilding

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Affiliate List Cross-Promotions

How to build your list useing affiliate list cross-promotions.

This is so simple To Do

Let's say you have your own offer and you've already built a reasonable affiliate list, which is just a list of affiliates that promote your products.

Well, what you do is you go to other product owners who have affiliate lists and you say, "I will tell my affiliate list about your affiliate program if you do the same with yours."

You might pick up some really good affiliates this way.

They also might pick up a few great affiliates and once you pick up more new affiliates, that means more traffic heading into your paid offer, which means more people on your evergrowing high quality list. Bingo just think what you could achieve with your own list of affiliates.
Hope this gives you a few ideas. You could arrange this on safe swaps.

This is one of those tactics that kind of make you want to ask why you didnt come up with it before.
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