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Ok, let me just start by saying what I want to END UP with.

I have XP, and I want to use windows movie maker (XP version), WITHOUT having these recurring codec problems.

That's all I want to do!

Everything runs fine for months, then (it seems) suddenly things do not run well. Video I import into WMM does not run fine (2ble time, and/or not synched with audio).

The CAUSE of these occasional problems seems to be installing some new video related program. In this case, I think the culprit is realplayer.

I am in the process of trying to uninstall it.

But in the mean time, the entire "codec" thing seems to be a total MYSTERY to me!!

What ARE they? What are the "correct" settings to use (checkboxes within WMM)? Why should the settings be CORRECT (everything works fine), then install a program that is ***NOT*** connected with WMM, then things do not run correctly in WMM???

Then there seems to be NO WAY to "set" the codecs (checkboxes) within WMM to make it run correctly -- so the only "solution" is to uninstall the new program (realplayer), then it will all run fine again.

I don't see the connection AND I don't really understand WHAT codecs ARE, wy they are needed, and HOW they can be affected (apparently) by UNRELATED activities + programs!!

Very confusing + frustrating to me. I am TRYING to see the logic behind it all, and I cannot!

Please advise!


-- TW
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    I had problems of a similar nature. Downloaded for free 'VLC Media Player' and it's great, much better than windows media player.
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      Originally Posted by Horny Devil View Post

      I had problems of a similar nature. Downloaded for free 'VLC Media Player' and it's great, much better than windows media player.
      Another vote for VLC Player......

      VLC Player Download Site


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    Way too complicated for a quick reply. If you really want to know you can go to a site like doom9.org or doom10.org and start reading. Three days later you will know more but it will seem like less as each question answered will just produce another question. Programs shouldn't mess up the codecs in other programs but sometimes they do.

    I can't think why anyone would need Real Player. I would suggest you uninstall it. VLC from videolan.org is free and lets you view nearly every commonly used codec. (Additional steps needed to use the converter to convert some formats though). It doesn't seem to create problems with Windows Movie Maker.
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    (((Insert trapped-rat give-up-the-ghost "sigh" here)))

    Here's the entire sad-sack story on this (aka one problem leads to another)...

    The only reason I installed realplayer is... I want to download videos from my photobucket acct, because the orginal files are lost on an old computer.

    So... I tried to add the FF video downlader thingy, but that did not work (whole other story!), then I heard some "helpful" person (HA!) tell me to "simply" (HA HA!!) use realplayer, instead.

    So (as usual), the problems emanate from the attempt to make "progress." (HA HA HA!).

    So now I am attached to yet another virtual TAR BABY!

    Besides uninstalling the "culprit" (realplayer), any ideas on how to make the progress I REALLY want to make (the ability to download vids from the web)??


    -- TW

    PS: I looked at the VLC player site. Thanks, but *playing* vids is not a problem for me -- never has been. What I really want to end up with is the ability to download vids from the web (from photobucket + youtube, etc.) -- And I want to do it in a way that does NOT give me these codec headaches. I want to solve that problem, without causing another problem!!
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