Outsourcing Help Needed.

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Can you recommend any outsourcers that are experienced at installing sites (squeeze pages, landing pages, oto offers) for internet marketers?

Basically, I bought a plr package that includes a squeeze page, oto offer, landing page and autoresponder messages that have to be put together. I'm looking for somebody that's done this before.

I've dealt with certain outsourcers on odesk.com and similar sites but a lot of them would only say they know what they're doing but ended up asking too many questions and needed too much guidance. This kinda defeated the purpose of outsourcing. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.
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    Hi I am just wondering if you have heard of witmart they recently opened offices in your city and are the biggest crowd sourcing site on the internet
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  • Ask the seller of the PLR pack you bought. They'll surely be able to recommend a service provider who can do this. If they can't, find a fellow warrior here who has a site with the same features you want. Contact this person and request for a recommendation. If you get one and your deal/service contract turns out good, you can again contact the seller of your PLR pack. Why? You can propose a joint business arrangement, where you provide the services needed to use the things included in the PLR pack they're selling. Tell them they'll most likely be able to sell more, since their PLR product can be more useful, especially for beginners and non-tech savvy people, with those services. A marketing opportunity for you, right there...

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