What is the problem with OTOs?

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It seems to me like many people simply HATE OTOs. I can't really seem to understand why this is.

Is it really that difficult to click a button that says "No Thanks"?

I can see people being upset with products that are dependent on OTOs and that information wasn't revealed in the sales letter.

But, in any other circumstance, there is really no reason to despise OTOs.
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    Its the holding something back feeling you get when you see an OTO sometimes.

    You paid for the full strip and they only took thier shirt off after you paid.

    The sales copy can say so much and you decide to buy only to find that without the OTO your screwed or at least face a hell of a lot more work.

    I use OTO's but they are more like upsells, here is my product now would you like the resale or branding right s with that.

    The oto that basically tells you the first purchase is useless without it, is the one that gets people fired up.

    The oto that offers further value or a continuity program that offers ongoing value, usually gets accepted well in my limited experience.

    Holding back the vital piece of the puzzle for an extra $17 is BS!
    Good luck with your second product if you decide this is your model!

    Justin C
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      Originally Posted by oda View Post

      You paid for the full strip and they only took thier shirt off after you paid.

      That's the feeling that a lot of people get. The issue that most people have is that they've been duped in some way and that they're only getting part of the puzzle.

      Personally, I'd make sure that the whole method that you're selling is in the main product, with something to complement it as the upsell, rather than something you need to make the main product work.

      Also, one thing I've seen some people do is to put 'Is there an upsell?' in the FAQs section under your offer (if doing a WSO). That way you can answer it in the affirmative and explain that you don't need it to make the product/method work.
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    I think most marketers are getting pretty keen to realizing that the original product is not the full story persay, it's more of a pitch to have to buy the OTO to really have the entire product they thought they were getting in the first place.

    I personally don't mind them, especially if they are a compliment to the product.
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    A few things.

    1) Many people complain about up sells but still buy them. It's the classic case of someone thinking they want one thing but in reality they want another.

    You hear many people say that they don't buy from blind sales copy. However this is often what converts the best. There is a disconnect between what we say (because we think we should say it) and our actions.

    2) If marketers didn't make more money from it, they more often than not wouldn't be doing it.

    Fact is, a person is in a buying mood and feels good buying from you (at least in the short term). A marketer has the responsibility to sell if what they are offering provides more value than the amount of money the marketer receives.

    3) Typically up sells should be products on a different topic (perhaps a bundle of sellers previous products) or something to do with automation (e.g. software that automates a backlink process outlined in the ebook). Most marketers get it right.


    The reason for typing the above is that there will be many people coming on here telling you that up sells don't work or that they are immoral. These same people will be purchasing the up sells/OTOs.
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  • Nothings wrong with OTO's. Take it or leave it. Increases my sales.

    PM Me Now!

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