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I am sorry if there is any thread on this already but I searched and did not find anything yet.
I learned from a few WSO that we can make you tube videos on sites like Animoto, One True Media etc. I then created few videos from One true media. I downloaded those videos on my computer and then uploaded on You Tube
I selected "No advertisement" on setting but You Tube showing ads on my videos and I know as the soundtrack is a third party copyright, they do this.
I need any help on how to avoid this.
I am a paid One True Media member and Animoto member so the soundtrack I put on my video came from them.
Some videos are already ranked #1 and rest atleast on first page on Google.

I think probably no way to remove or stop this ad but what main help I need is advice on how to and where to make my videos/get my sound track that wont give this problem?

I tried "Public Domain Music" which does not have any copyright (I confirmed this from researching) still same problem

I tried You Tubes own audio library but its still the same. I heard You Tube's own audio collections are "licensed to use commercially" but it didn't work

Any advice on where can I find soundtrack which wont give this trouble atleast from the next time?
Any help and advice are highly appreciated.
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    Appeal to youtube,

    I had this problem with royalty free music I was using, There was a section where you could appeal the decision.

    I wrote a short message telling them where I got the music and included a copy of the royalty free agreement that came with the package.

    Within 2 days it was all sorted and all copyright claims where withdrawn. I had my videos Back. Since then they approved me for adsense too. I didn't even ask.

    Just talk to them mate, you will get it sorted, there are actual humans working there.

    Justin C
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      "There are actual human"--sometime big organization like Facebook, You Tube etc doesn't act like this
      I had a problem with Facebook and I sent them email but never heard back. So I had no chance to solve it and proceed.
      As you had this problem and solved it, I might try this now. My videos are all live and they said "We are not going to take it down but sometimes ads may show up on this videos" .
      I will send them a message today and see what happen. Thank you very much for the suggestion
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