Help: Needed to know the BEST Plan to Expand Online Presence of a Business

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Badly needed your help guys about new strategies on how to expand online presence of a business. Any suggestions?
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  • Just create an article about your business, post it and then do backlinks to promote it.
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      1) Build a website
      2) Create social network profile - facebook page, twitter, linkedin
      3) Build email newsletter
      4) Google Places

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    1. Hopefully you already have a website.
    2. Figure out your target key phrases that people are searching for.
    3. Optimize your site for the above key phrases.
    4. Do link building for those key phrases.
    a. Add your site to directories (merchantcirlce, manta, contactsquid & 100's of other directories)
    b. Write an article and submit it to article submission websites (ezinarticles, examinar, etc.)
    c. Start pages on squidoo and other similar sites.
    d. Create a video and upload it to youtube, metacafe, vimeo and other video sharing sites.
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    Organise an online contest on your website.

    Give away something that will make people talk about it and make your
    business presence go viral on social networks.

    Use the power of press releases to get the word out about your contest.
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    If you have budget, get a good SEO consultant and let he/she to come out with a full business plan. From my experience it does make a huge difference.
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    Create a press release for your business summarizing the product or service you offer, distribute the press release to reputable press release sites. Then do a little social bookmarking of the press release. Make sure you post a status update on facebook about the press release and also do a twitter update. You could also offer a sample of your product or service for free in exchange for the visitors email address this way you could build and email list to allow you to develop a relationship with your customers/visitors. There are literally thousands of ways to develop your online presence and this is only a couple. Just use your imagination and I'll bet you can come up with many more I hope this helps.

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    Have you thought about promoting your online activities offline?

    For example, remember to print out your web address on your business cards, leaflets, advertising, and whatever else you use...

    If you're going to create a press release for the web, make sure you also send it to your local newspaper. They might just print it out along with your web address.

    Others have suggested holding a contest. That's a great way to get people to your site.
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