The secret gold in old customers

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Hi, I've never tried this before - but yesterday i thought i would try mailing my old customers who had not bought anything the past few months. The total was around 1400 customers... so just to test i tried 1 month of customers who had not been active for at least 3 months. I mailed them asking if i had done something wrong and if so they just had to tell my what it was and i would give them a 30% discount coupon. Well - within 12 hours i have 19 replies. All of them glowing about my website and stuff about being busy at work etc etc... but more importantly i made around $600 from those 19 alone. I expect as the UK wakes up and the US wakes up again to get a load more from this. I also am going to open this up with the remaining 1000. I'm sure this is a technique the savvy IMers are doing - but I'm quite surprised at the outcome. I was also quite surprised at the positive emails i got from all of them without exception and i've taken the time to reply to each one personally - which i'm hoping will further bond myself and them.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience. It shows that it pays off to treat your customers/subscribers like real people, attend to their needs and making a relationship with them..instead of hammering them with offers after offers just so you can make money out of them.

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    Yes, selling to your current customers can be amazing. I think most people are to afraid to do that.

    I worked in a place where some agents were afraid to call prior customers asking for money... even though other agents were doing it and making a killing.
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    What you did is just part of the After Sales Management. I've been doing this, too, for several years now. It pays off. That's why I always tell everyone that I build relations far greater than transactions.

    We MUST do this After Sales Management technique so we can know more about our customers. It's a must for us to know their needs. Once we come to know their needs, we realize that they need other things that they're not seeing. That's what I call "creating the need for your customer." Once we fully understand their needs, we can implement this BIB technique:

    "Based on what you told me, I would recommend you...... Because....."

    I hope this helps.
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