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ok how can i make some money without spending it (hosting, domain, email responder, etc.)? i need it to invest in my projects and to pay for some stuff. i have put about 5 gigs on fiverr, but cant make any sale there,
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    Making money out of thin air, where have i seen that before Hmmmmm....
    The only way i can think of is to charge for your time, meaning offer some kind of service online the other way is getting an offline job until you have made enough to afford the services you mentioned in your OP.
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    Originally Posted by SolidDigital View Post

    ok how can i make some money without spending it (hosting, domain, email responder, etc.)?
    (i) Use a business model that doesn't require list-building (or at least, one that doesn't require list-building to get started - but don't make the mistake of trying a "free autoresponder");

    (ii) You can get free hosting, perfectly reliably and safely and without carrying any avdertising, at places like 000WebHost or Byethost, and have whatever sort of website you want there, on a free subdomain, to promote your business;

    (iii) You can get a .info domain-name for very little money (not quite for "none", admittedly).

    Get real: imagining that you can't have a website at all because you don't want to spend any money works out very badly for most people, and it isn't likely to work out well for you either. Broaden your perceptions rather than restricting your activities.
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    Have you tried selling some unique articles? The profits can be put towards hosting, domain, email responder, etc.
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