One of your competitors is closing its doors, how do you capture their clients?

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One of our competitors in our vertical (niche website provider) is closing their doors and has given their clients a few months to find a new home / website provider or their websites will be turned off. They are one of the oldest companies in the space, so there is a significant client base being pushed back into the market.

How would you go after this client base?

The company has their tagline "website design by ..... " in their footer, so we can use Google to some extent, but what other options would you pursue if you were in our shoes to get this client data to make contact and see if you can help them migrate to our services?

Is there a way to scrape for email addresses using IP addresses? Any other legal ways that anyone can suggest that can help us find and contact this client base? Any feedback appreciated!
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    Have you tried talking to them?

    There could be many reasons for shutting down and just maybe they really care about the people they serve but just can't do it anymore.

    It's possible that if you provide good value the company may be willing to give their customers your information in an effort to be helpful.
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    We have spoken with them through multiple channels. They're part of a corporate conglomerate that purchased them a few years back and they voted against a revenue share or similar prior to the announcement. They're simply sinking the ship after being unable to sell the company. We tried to reason that the customers were better off with at least a few options, even if it wasn't us to provide a softer landing, but they're a no go.
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